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Barbie gets a Tim Gunn makeover

Posted by helen on July 26, 2012


The $30 dolls and $25 accessory packs are set to hit barbiecollector.com and Target stores August 1st.

Barbie, Tim Gunn

Tim Gunn is really a nice fellow, I dont know his age, but he is very much like a father figure on the Project Runway,..

his Barbie style? pretty standard.  If the Mackie faced doll has a pretty face, I would get one from eBay without her outfits and leave the rest for others to enjoy. 

street wears are really not my cup of tea. my dolls dont wear them.


13 Responses to “Barbie gets a Tim Gunn makeover”

  1. Sandra said

    LIke them but the dolls should be $20 and the packs $10. LOL! Kind of expensive. May have to wait for a sale!

    • dollsaga said

      Tim Gunn put Barbie in an Intern position, so she still buys from NYC”s Conway. these clothes say: way to go, poor Barbie, you are 10,000 miles away from success

  2. dollsaga said

    I was going to say the prices were high. all the barbie basic accessory packs were $14.99 then dropped to $8 on Barbie Collectors. so $25 is high. I am sure my local Target will mark them higher, I m gussing my Target will put $29.99 price tag on the Accessory packs, and $34.99 on the dolls . the barbie basic dolls were $23.99 at my Target, other stores sold them for $19.99.

    hopefully, someday they will go to “TJmaxx” for $14.99. lol

  3. the prices are stupid high, but i am really loving these! i am always on the lookout for… urban? looking doll clothes, casual wear, it’s so hard to find. you can have my dolls, Helen, I don’t need anymore, but I always need more clothes! LOL

  4. I suppose it’s hard to think of something new and different…but REALLY! I’d paint the doll’s prettier, give them less blah fashions…I don’t know…that’s just me

    • dollsaga said

      let the project runway contestants do the designing, something new may come out. Tim Gunn .. I have to say he may be better at vintage Barbies. lol

  5. Timothy said

    Nice dolls

  6. timishi said

    The dolls sold out on the first day

    • dollsaga said

      No Way! well, business isnt so easy, Tim Gunn’s day has not yet come, I hope to see them in TJmaxx!

      lol –okay, now the plain & simple truth: the dolls are not sold out, it was just a system glitch. I am not going to tell you how bad BC team runs its website. as you will be so scared. the entire site was down after “yours truly” reported security issues. lol

  7. Rnold said

    no no on these….i just like the leather trench and the yellow suit jacket…but the over all look fails…..and its very expensive

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