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Sneak peeks at Barbie Convention…

Posted by helen on July 22, 2012

Not many dolls were presented by Mattel at the 2012 Barbie Convention, here are what  I saw in Sales room:

Bob Mackie’s Banana girl  (KT reported these 2 pictures were stolen by an eBay seller for his auctions!! what a shame! should you buy from someone who is so dishonest? )

her price will be $125 or around. I am so over with Showgirls, and very tired of Bob Mackie’s “crossover” straped  gown (can you call it a gown?): gold barbie, timeless cher, golden legacy, radiant redhead, etc etc…  so no more this type of costumes.

Perhaps I would have loved it if this  Banana girl were made:

okay, next up, Mr. Bill Greening’s Ghost, dont you agree her costumes are  very standard. her eye makeup is not very “ghosty”, I am guessing black hair, black lip color may be more sellable.

if the ghost is for Halloween, “holiday hostess” is for Christmas & new year,  Also by Bill Greening. if her price is more than $85, she will be a slow seller.  its better they put her between $55 and $ 65  price range.  but no doubt she will be more than that.

one more holiday doll:

Fur-n-Fuchsia by Robert Best

Kitty Corner by Robert Best

you saw this Gala Gown Before, she is $150,  her gown has lots embelishments, but it actually is an easy piece — a strapless gown plus a bunch of  higgledy piggledy ruffles and organza flowers.  the walking suit & afternoon suit require more skills & works  to make.  

Passport to pink, this is a covention doll desgined by Bill Greening,  you can buy her from eBay later,

here is Mr. Robert Best  promoting this doll, that’s very nice of him, isnt it? 

I think instead of opening another thread,  I’ll just add a couple of photos of the official covention doll here, its not a part of mattel’s doll but Mattel made the production.

  “Barbie   is etneral”  designed by Magia 2000,

many are not impressed by the simplicity of the gown, I am one of them. it seems plain & shapeless,  looks very much like my bedroom window curtains, someone said its more like folded napkins, whatever, I just want to thank god the doll lips look normal, they usually put these darker nearly black colors in the center of the mouth, which I truly HATE,  like this one:  ‘ ,  darker paint between the lips to make the mouth look like open,  a retarded look.  so at least they did not do this to the convention doll,  or maybe they did, but Mattel did not approve.

haha, I bet some people out there aint happy with my comments.


9 Responses to “Sneak peeks at Barbie Convention…”

  1. Timothy said

    Holiday Hostess and Fur-n-Fuchsia is club doll right? I love Fur-n-Fuchsia, thiunk she is cute. 😀

  2. Lubo said

    I think it is great that The Ghost doll has white hair because ghosts usually have white hair, white skin, white dress, not black. So black hair for her wouldn´t be appropriate + we have finally Nichelle sculpt with white / blonde hair. All previous dolls with this scuplt were brunettes or redheads.:)

  3. kt said

    the ghost doll is OK but the dress material kind of reminds me of what a tissue looks like when you rip a tissue apart ,I hate most of the vintage doll (that is not my favorite face mold) except for kitty corner Francie who is adorable , I love the black barbie on the bottom for face paint seems to give her an edge I would love to own her ,I’ll probably only buy the black holiday doll if I get one at all I find that the blondes are half the time messed up or just don’t look good in their dress, judging by the look of bob makies doll she will be a slow will seller just like curcis no one will want to pay full price and will wait for when she’s on super sale

  4. Analee said

    I agree with you… I do like the Fur-n-Fuschia one, though. You are just such a good seamstress and artist that you should have your own line of dolls! ~Analee

  5. rnold said

    i like them almost all….the bob mackie is kinda cute….but a lot of those bananas need to go…..calling edward scissors hand…….if i eliminate some bananas it might look better…i love the fur n fushia….yes helen i agree if the ghost doll would have black saran hair…i will have more character and less makeup…….shes ghost her face should be pale……..

  6. I like the Bob Mackie sketch better than the doll, but I wouldn’t buy either design because I hate bananas! I also agree with you about the usual Magia 2000 face paint. I am glad neither of their convention dolls have been in that style. Film Noir is actually one of my favorites.

    • dollsaga said

      LOL! well, Felicity, if you are not buying the banana doll, people who love her can expect the price to drop.
      about the doll’s face paint, I think its done by Mattel’s aritists or sample-makers.

  7. Reblogged this on audirose and commented:
    I love the new “Bob Mackie Banana Girl doll”. I think she is soooo much fun, I think the striping in the dress makes it sooo much brighter. Can’t wait to get her!

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