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Empress of Aliens

Posted by helen on June 27, 2012

She arrived early this morning, so early,  I was  still dreaming…

she is such a pile of plastic–many cheap plastic pieces on her..  lol  but she is the most interesting doll of the year– I purchased her just for this reason,  it’s not that I love her to pieces..


plastic shoes are pretty acceptable:

She is sold out, if you wanted her & ordered her, great,  if you wanted her but missed her, don’t get upset , move on, there will be another doll for you.

Inspiration of this doll: Katy Perry ET music Video


14 Responses to “Empress of Aliens”

  1. I ordered her too. I got a box yesterday in the mail but I think that’s one of my other orders from the sale. LOL! I’ll have to see if I can take pics and get some good ones. Love yours!

    • dollsaga said

      I dont see she looks better than the “rejected” sample people talked about on BFC, I didnt put efforts to take better pictures, she needs some setup for photoshooting, which I never do. lol –a friend bought me a photo tent 6 years ago, I never used it!

  2. Rnold said

    mine is still n back order…….i have to admit that im more of the fantasy couture n weird fashion dolls…thats why i love bob mackie n byron……the plastic thing on aliens dress is fine…..ill do touch up ang make it shine for it to look ntural..the matt texture of the platic parts mking it look cheap….but over all….this dolls looks great…..

  3. PetalMist said

    Thanks for the pictures. She looks stunning.

    My order is also back ordered. I tired to check on my status and couldn’t find it. Should I be worried? I also received the confirmation email after I ordered.

    • dollsaga said

      you should see your order status as “backordered”, if you dont see your order listed in your “order history”, you should call customer Service. your order confirmation does not guarantee that your order is secured. if you dont see it listed when you log into your account, your order was either canceled or deleted due to shortage of inventory or system glitches. I heard they were updating their website, so perhaps some data and contents were not avaiable for you to see when you logged in, please log into your account and check again, if its still not there, you will have to make a phone call.

      I placed an order for the Fantasy mermaid doll 3 days ago when she briefly became available again on the website, I received order confirmation and order summary, the order has shown “not yet shipped” in my “order history” for 2 days then disappeared yesterday. my order was canceled without notification

      • Rnold said

        probably they again posted the mermaid mistakenly available in wc i is already sold out months ago…..thats what happend to BC all the time…..thats why i no longer order dolls that was declared sold out previously and reapear again as available……bec i was a victim of that b4…….

      • dollsaga said

        its not a surprise if the doll makes a comeback after they declared “sold out” — as there are alwasy cancellations. some people’s credit card have issues. A couple of people receivd the mermaid yesterday & posted the news on BFC, I guess I was not the lucky one.

      • Rnold said

        anyways that was your 2nd rite?….if the order was confirmed…we better wait for the next fantasy doll…i hope i would be more fav than mermaid n empress…is Bob Mackie releasing another fantasy doll this year?

      • dollsaga said

        yes, it would be my 2nd but there is no 2nd. that’s okay, the Mermaid face will be used on new dolls in 2013.
        and next fantasy doll is an AA, Miss Linda is working on it. Linda says her new fantasy dolls will be “globally inspired” but no one knows what it is.

      • Rnold said

        love AA dolls nice to see fantasy doll done in AA version…no bob mackie this year?

      • dollsaga said

        there will be a mackie-faced doll, but its also by Linda, not bob mackie. and Linda will design a platinum Barbie for 2013. she will also cooperate with Stephen Burrows to design an AA Barbie doll with a new face sculpt—Stephen Burrows replaced Byron Lars, the doll will be released late this year. Linda is a rising star –but the “ugly” cheerleader line which you “hate” will continue in 2013. lol

      • Rnold said

        no please stop the cheereos….can i call the dolly police……lol……

        i hope stephen borrows designs be good…..

        well lets give linda the credit of creating the goddess collection…..i hope she designs more like them

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