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kitty corner Francie

Posted by helen on June 26, 2012

 silkstone Francie “Kitty Corner” giftset  will be available  in Aug, 2012

some dealers now accept pre-orders,  even offer  discount if you pre-order her, I dont think you need to pre-order her. 

she is better than the previous 2 silkstone Francie dolls , but her costumes are not cute enough to make her a great seller.

the other 2 silkstone Francies’  prices went down dramatically, the dealer exclusive “check please”  is no longer a “dealer exclusive”,   I saw her at  Century 21 Dept. Store for $49, Century 21 is not a “gold label dealer” but a discount store like Marshall’s or TJmaxx.  the club exclusive is still on BC web for sale. price dropped from $85 to $65. neither of them are good sellers, if this one doesn’t sell, I guess Silkstone Francie will die out. so if you wanna support Francie, buy her.. lol


8 Responses to “kitty corner Francie”

  1. Rnold said

    yah….quite weak…..another bad sell

  2. Good analysis! Hopefully she has nice hair!

    • dollsaga said

      people who love vintage said “hope her hairline is more like vintage” –I dont know how the “vintage hairline” looks like.. but her hairline isnt too bad..

  3. Ingrid said

    Francie’s face is not bad but, since you allow all opinions Helen, I truly, hate, with all my heart, 60s fashion but especially Mod. Mod couldn’t have been any uglier LOL I guess it is because I wasn’t even planned back then but, I love 40s fashion which my parents were not even born so I guess it is not about age.

    • Ingrid said

      Forgot to add, many silkie collectors wanted a cat so Mattel decided to give it in a Francie gift set, so hopefully will sell a little better 🙂

      • dollsaga said

        its not a cute Cat, not even a furry one like the Check Please Francie’s puppy. I think they should make one that is more lifelike, use faux fur, Plush is better than plastic. something like this (I mean they should use this kind of materials, soft & fluffy)

    • dollsaga said

      not everyone like 60s Mod or 50s Vintage. as if everyone does, these dolls would be selling like hot cakes.. the reality is, they often dont sell. I personally like garments that are well constructed & tailored. A loose night gown like this just should not be sold at high price, but apparently this doll isnt cheap.

      • Rnold said

        yes…i dont like mod too….even w the poplife dolls doesnt appeal me…..though they have nice white boots……and this kiity corner s more worst…though the doll s cute

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