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Rush of Rose Gold

Posted by helen on June 20, 2012

She is more a “let’s go disco” girl from 1980s. if she were a pink label doll, many people would not want her, but she is a platinum, so people fought for her…

her face is prettier than “splash of silver”,  but still, Lara face isn’t the most popular one. I think other faces should have been used on this doll just to avoid the repeats in this series.

She completes the “Precious Metals” series:

from left: splash of silver, Glimmer of Gold, Pinch of Platinum and Rush of Rose Gold

they don’t really go together. Platinum dolls should be “stand-alone” dolls, making series only causes more craze… many people who dont love the doll but want to complete the series since they purchased the previous dolls joined the crowds to fight.. lol yes, its laughable to me, whenever I see people get upset for not being able to grab a platinum doll, they bash eBay sellers, hate mattel, they blame everyone…


15 Responses to “Rush of Rose Gold”

  1. janet said

    Thanks for always sharing. I had not seen the previous ones before. I personally like the lara face mold, but everyone has their favorites. Don’t think this last dress is up to par of the others, they are more detailed and fancy.

  2. Sandra said

    The collection started with a Lara mold and ends with a Lara mold. I guess she is Robert’s favorite besides the Silkstone vintage face!

    • dollsaga said

      I know she is Robert’s favorite, but he really should use the Daria face, as he was involved in creating that face, so he needs to promo it… the Celebutante is very pretty.

      • Lubo said

        It is interesting how we can find out which designer loves which headmold from the dolls they´ve designed.:) I always thought that Robert loved Lara and 1958 headmold, Bill Steffie, Glimmer and Goddess, Sharon Mackie, Goddess and Linda Mackie, Aphrodite and GG.:) But Linda seemed me like the most repetetive in choosing faces for her dolls but I was surprised when I saw promo pics of her dolls, she has the biggest seelction of headmolds this year. I love it.)

        But, I agree Daria would be great, I think that headmold needs more chances (we seen it only 5 times).

      • dollsaga said

        we know robert best loves Lara, as he told us so during a “Designer Chat” that BFC hosted. he clearly stated Lara is his favorite and he loves Blonde… but I care neither. lol.
        I like Redhead!

  3. Thanks for sharing Helen, this year in particular I felt more hate than ever!!! My respects for the Barbie Forum Moderators, they maybe do yoga ’cause they have lots of patience, the people were like they lost one of their organs.
    It was my first time to purchase a Platinum Label doll via BC.com and believed me it was so easy, only took five minutes and got the doll.
    I can’t wait for mine to arrived!!!

  4. Timothy tan said

    Congratulation Helen, you got all of them. 🙂 rush of rose gold has nicer hair in pic that real. She looks cuter in the promo pic but sexier in real. But I think she is the prettiest among them all. Are you going to keep them?

  5. Rnold said

    everything on your collections fashion are very nice except rose gold

    • dollsaga said

      lol –I know, people call Lanvin’s Black Version “trash bag”.. “splash of silver” dress is my favorite among the 4, but I dont like that doll’s face! Rush of Rose Gold actually has a pretty face.

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