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silkstone stars

Posted by helen on June 19, 2012

when  Grace Kelly silkstone Dolls are still lingering around the market,  Elizabeth Taylor dolls are ready to  hit the shop in Sept.

the dolls are  “White diamond” & “Violet Eyes”.

I did not buy Grace Kelly Dolls even the prices has dropped under $100 on Target online & Gilt online.  Somehow I am just not crazy about these 2 dolls.  The bridal gown and the black dress with large flower prints are just not the types of fashions I would like, besides that, doll faces are not as pretty as Grace Kelly herself.  

Not sure about the price point of  these Elizabeth Taylor dolls, if the range is from $145-$175 same as Grace kelly, I’ll have to pass on her as well. perhaps we will see the sample dolls at the Barbie Convention. 

But I am sure Elizabeth Taylor Dolls will be selling much better than Grace Kelly dolls.



15 Responses to “silkstone stars”

  1. Timothy said

    yes is nice. see this http://barbies2pink.com/

    • dollsaga said

      BFC has offered sneak pictures. but we are not allowed to post them.

      • Timothy said

        really? Someone posted it. lol

      • dollsaga said

        well, I cant not post them, b/c its against the bfc membership agreements, I know there are people who dont care rules and would post these pictures anyway, but I follow the rules, besides, I am being watched. some bfc members visit my blog. it happened once, someone posted sneak pictures on her website, I quoted it, just like you did, posted a link to a doll website, I immediately received a message from BFC member Mods, asking me to remove it. so i have been very careful after that.

    • Timothy said

      OIC. Thanks for telling me 🙂

  2. Rnold said

    did they alter the face sculpt??… it doesnt look the same as the elizabeth taylor that was released early 20’s…idont have liz taylor dols…n buying the older release are very expensive especially the cleopatra. it cost more than $200…i might buy these liz taylor even its 145 USD or more….at least its silkstone…..

    • Jelly said

      Rnold, as far as I can tell from the “sneakpeak,” the doll has the exact same face mold from the vinyl line but with a refreshed and updated paint job. I really like the doll itself but I am still on the edge with the clothing choice.

  3. Jelly said

    Hello Helen. Love the blog. I saw this post and had to comment. I have to disagree with you on Grace Kelly. I did purchase her bridal barbie and it is one of the most beautiful celebrity dolls in my opinion. She think her face is gorgeous and believe me, I have seen some bad Grace Kelly dolls. I literally went through more than 7 dolls at my dealer before settling down with one. There is only ONE Grace Kelly barbie but I can tell you no two Grace dolls are the same. I had some with round face and skinny face & I realized the lace designs in the bridal gown are different with every doll as well. I have seen Grace dolls with the perfect face paint with horrible dress or flawless dress with missing face paints. I even got one with the dark brown eyebrows; I was going to keep her but could not get over the fact she is missing some color in her eyes. Needless to say I am picky but have very much enjoyed the Grace Kelly collection. I hope the Elizabeth doll I will be receiving in the fall is flawless!

    • Rnold said

      well i only got the gracekelly bride too…n im happy……w regards to liz silkstone fashion……i dont care much of the fashion…i can dress her w my byron lars colection, the bob mackie dresses en other designer dolls fashion i have….liz means glam…….so im really after for the doll…..

      • dollsaga said

        I have Mattel’s previous version “white diamond” & “father of the bride”, I think I posted pictures before on this blog. these 2 are very pretty. since they are silkstone dolls, the fashion has to be very 50s or 60s to suit majority silkstone collectors’ taste–they like these vintage fashions.

    • dollsaga said

      Most of my dolls are purchased online, so I have no chance to pick.Mattel’s Grace Kelly looks better than other doll companies’ versions, but still, the doll face does not closely resemble the actress herself. Elizabeth Taylor doll’s face catches the beauty of the actress, everyone looks at the doll and knows its Liz. but Grace kelly doll is just another Barbie. the other doll Mattel did wonderful job was vivien leigh.

  4. Rnold said

    vivien dolls cose more than 120 n its just vinyl

  5. Dolly said

    I think the Grace Kelly bride doll is gorgeous , and it looks like her more than any other Grace doll I have seen. I am anxious to buy the new Elizabeth Taylor dolls ! I am such a big fan of her. Mattel’s Vivien Leigh dolls are very beautiful too. I wish they would make one of her in the bride dress she wore in Gone With The Wind.

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