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more hairdos

Posted by helen on June 15, 2012

I take no credit for dresses, I only did their Hair–and  NONE of these hairstyles was my design, a bunch of pictures came along with these dolls,  my challenges are:  do as the pictures shown–isn’t it more difficult than do  what I want?

I think this dress is from “dressmaker detail”, but it’s too small for silkstone, I can not pull up the zipper!  so the back left opened.


this hairdo, I dont know the name of it, Vintage  Pin-up  Rolls or whatever! mission accomplished–I did just “As the picture shown”


what does everyone else  think of this Highland Fling’s eyelashes??  as I dont like then, I wanted to remove them, but she is  not my doll, I can NOT do what I want, lol

oh, you have seen this one before, “victory rolls”, but I put it here to make a complete group

you have seen this one before, too. only  now I figured out how to “gel” her hair into a “swirl” without any rerooting works.

More to come later….


18 Responses to “more hairdos”

  1. I LOve your work!

  2. Hello,
    Amazing doo’s! Just a question? Do you glue any of these do’s? I am trying to do one on one of my Barbie Basic doll’s and her hair is just refusing to cooperate, I am getting ready to get out the glue! Arghhhh LOL!

    • dollsaga said

      yes, some hair gel is needed, I use “L.A. Natural” Styling Gel (strong hold) from MarShalls Department Store, I am sure other gel works great as well, I buy this one only b/c the store is the nearest, so I dont have to search further. if you dont like gel, you can wash them out later after the hairstyle is set and “cooperative” as you want. I’d say leave the gel in the hair for a couple of months, then, you can wash it off.

      not all the hair products are safe to use, some brands will fade the doll’s hair color, for example, if your doll has light & delicate green/pink/purple hair, and you use Pantene hair spray (strong hold), the hair colors will become dull or yellowish in a few weeks… I am not sure what ingredients in this hairspray cause such problems. if your doll has black or blond hair, it does not matter.

  3. aeclea said

    Beautiful!!!! Have you ever thought about doing a doll hairstyling video and posting it on YouTube, or your site? It would be cool to try to do some of these. ~Analee

    • dollsaga said

      haha, I do not have that kind of expertise, I watched the youtube hairstyle tutorials before doing the pinup curls! you can see all sorts of the hairstyle tutorials on youtube. they may not be for dolls, but the methods are the same, you can use the same hair styling gel, only the doll hair does not stand much heat like human hair, you can not use hair-dryers or hot-rollers. but use hot water only.

  4. Alrunia said

    I’d love to see the pictures that you were basing the hairdos on alongside your versions! Especially those curls/twists that the second doll has. Amazing work 😀 My dolls get two hairdos to choose from, straight hair and curly hair, haha.

  5. Rnold said

    i dont get it…empress of the aliens is in back order till oct 4…….what is going on w mattel……….

    • dollsaga said

      same as mermaid, it comes in 2 lots. the first shipment will arrive before June 21, the 2nd will come in Oct. I received email notification saying she was backordered until Jun 21st.

      • Rnold said

        so its another bussness strategy…they will only make certain numbers off dolls based on the received oders…so as they wont stock up againi their inventorynand end up on SALE liked what happend to louboutin series…but 2nd lot of delivery is too long…3 months..thats so silly

      • dollsaga said

        it is very strange it would take 4 months to complete an order.

    • Rnold said

      yes…thats very strange…..for a doll….are they having issues w manpower?….or production for that matter……..

      • dollsaga said

        I think they have problem with production. hopefully, mine will be here by the end of this month.

      • Rnold said

        our lucky…me i need to wait till octber….funny…because tjat would be the same release date of gala gown….wc im planing to buy too….what do you think of evening gown silkstone

      • dollsaga said

        I dont fancy the evening gown, if someday she goes on sale, I’ll buy her… this is me now–no dolls really “wow” me, but I’d buy if the price is low. I’d pay no more than $85 for a doll like evening gown.

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