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Empress of the Aliens Barbie Goes on Sale

Posted by helen on June 14, 2012

She is not officially in the shop for you to order, but you can do a “quick shop” to order her: go to the page below and type in production code W3514


I am giving you an alert, b/c there are at least 60 of them have been listed on ebay, (50 completed, 10  active), its an indication that many people will buy her & re-sell her, so she will be gone fast like Mermaid. if you want her, order her now to save your money, regrets and complaints later.  free shipping until June 23rd.


15 Responses to “Empress of the Aliens Barbie Goes on Sale”

  1. Rnold said

    yah …i remember that mermaid lasted less than 2 months in BC…….same w cleopatra……well i need to hit this……im still thinking of getting anemone…..what do you think susan…will i get 2 empress intead of getting one empress n one anemone…im thinking of real investment…what would you suggest>

  2. Sandra said

    I wasn’t going to get one. You think I should? Not really my thing, but I will consider.

  3. Ingrid said

    I think investment is good when you sell as soon as she is sold out because people panic. But after a while, it might be harder. I just noticed Goddess of the Galaxy has been sold for $93, 103, 108. Some for 120 but nothing spectacular lately. I do think that one was a very ugly doll though LOL

    • dollsaga said

      it really depends how, when and to whom you sell it. One new eBay seller sold the Galaxy for $60, plus $5.00 shipping. if an experienced powerseller who also ship internationally handled the sales, the doll price could go up to $190 to say the least.

      A guy bought an AA debut from me at $49, and sold it to his customer at $168 on the very next day, I could not believe him, then he invited me to visit his web, everything is expensive, but he has his customers we can not reach.

      now many people buy dolls for resale, when too many go on eBay, the resale price can not go up high. you really have to have some sales skills and sales channel to make good sales.

    • LOL, I didn’t know GOG was selling for that cheap. Now it’s time for me to get her!

  4. Rnold said

    probabl the one selling GOTG was in badly need of cash or the collector doesnt have more space for the doll to stay thats why she was sold that cheap….but if you check now on ebay…its still 150+up http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_trksid=p5197.m570.l1313&_nkw=barbie+goddess+of+the+galaxy&_sacat=0

    • dollsaga said

      it has lots to do with how the seller lists the item and if the seller has large regular customer bases, the seller’s feedback also matters, the new seller who sold it at $60 had no feedback at that time, now she has 2 feedback scores. when the item is expensive, people want to buy from their trusted sellers. not someone with no feedbacks.

  5. dollsaga said

    each day I receive tons of spam comments, most of them dont make sense. Here is one written like real, and I almost believed it. but a spam is a spam! now the spammer should be happy, as I published it — lol

    [2012/07/02 at 12:52 pm] netmcclintock@yahoo.com
    Helens doll saga…this is only my 3rd. THIRD email to you and the fist time I am on-site. I don’t get why you are telling me to “whoa…slow down on the emails.” 1. Was my finding the site 2. Was confirming email and 3. To visit. It just seems a little rude to me and I’m not happy about it. net

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