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New dolls of the world

Posted by helen on June 4, 2012

Check out the new arrivals in the Barbie Collectors online shop:


Hawaii USA, Chile, Holland, India, Mexico demand that you open your wallets and doors for them… but you have choices to say Yes or No.

Holland & Chile have no Chance to make their entrance to my collections,  I’ll leave my doors a half open to Hawaii, India & Mexico– if I ever encounter them on eBay without their costumes & the prices are right,  I’ll adopt them.

The dolls of the world are boring. the designers are not inspired by the ever-changing cultures &  their  fashion,  the design concepts are  30 years behind…

Take a look at  how the  Chinese fashion designers inspired by Chinese History & Culture:

This is a design inspired by  “Blue & White”  China Ware (China is famous for its porcelain, isnt it?)


another pretty & “historical” gown  inspired by Emperor’s  Dragon Robe &  Dragon  Wall in Beijing

(A British Museum now has this Dragon Gown in its collections)

I said before, Mattel should hire freelance fashion designers from different countries to design  the “national”  costumes  that reflect Cultures & history…


18 Responses to “New dolls of the world”

  1. Sandra said

    Great commentary Helen. It would be nice to see a more modern interpretation of the Dolls of the World. I like some of these newer offerings but they look very playline.

    • dollsaga said

      oh, Sandra, these new DOW bored me to death, their prices ars not low, their faces & costumes are nothing new. the mexico & india are the cinco de mayo and diwali all over again, the china doll is far below the chinese new year…. holland– another dorothy from wizard of oz…

      • Rnold said

        i only like india among all dotw…..since i seldom see barbie wearing india costumes at bc…i alrady have the chinese empress of great eras collection though its an old release…still the quality n concept of costumes are great compare to the current china DOTW…and i got chinese empress on amazon $13 nrfb w $6 shipping

      • dollsaga said

        I got Chinese Empress from eBay, I got her $9.99 plus $5.00 shipping, but the seller wrapped up the box with Brown paper and shipped it!! so you know how the box was when it arrived, this seller wasnt the worst, I got “happy go lightly” without any wrapping, the seller put a shipping label right on the silkstone box and shipped it–the box has a very nice sketch on it, the sticky shipping label ruined the sketch. unbelieveable sellers!

        well, I hope someday these new DOW will be $9.99 on eBay. lol

      • Rnold said

        i seldom buy from ebay anymore because of shipping issues……my platinum diva box was ruined because she also used brown paper….so the box was totally a damaged……amazon is more reliable when it comes to shipping

  2. Rnold said

    linda kyaw already leveled up when she introduced DOTW landmak collection…..the dress design are great specially the liberty and the sydney opera hose inspired gown….probably on these pasport collection she already lost her idea to wow collector…..quite sad

    • dollsaga said

      I think she “continued” the old line without any new ideas and creativities. her “shoe obsession” & “Pink in Pantone” are other 2 great failures. Shoe Obsession now is $13 on Walmart.com, someday it will be $9 on BarbieCollector.com

      • Rnold said

        i wont buy those collection…bec i dont get the point of having them…….probably linda run out of creative juices on designing doll fashion…..and robert best is leading to that path too….mattel now needs to hire more agressive designer…or inetgritydolls and tonner will bring in the profit because they keep on upgrading dolls and fashion…..im greatly dissapointed w dotw chile mexico holland and ireland…..im looking forward to see collections as beautiful like maiko, empress of the golden blossoms or the now very expensive marie antoinette..and buying them in BC at $150 or even $200 are worth it…because they never fail in appreciating its value

  3. Lubo said

    Ok, costumes are boring but I love diversity of faces. I am happy that Linda introduced to collector line Teen Skipper headmold, she used Carnivale, GG, Kayla, Teresa, Mbili, Goddess and Tango. Previous years we had only Mackies and Goddesses, sometimes Lara, Kayla or GG. ALso, Brazilai doll is sometning new, she is not Rio dancer, she is something new andm ore conservative. Other thing, many collectors compain about new Cheerleaders from Linda. Yes, they are playline -looking and without articulation but their headmold diversity is breathtaking – we have old Nichelle, Superstar or Asha back.:) I love how each of designers is special. Robert designs Silkstones, high-fashion dolls. Bill designs fantasy dolls, repros, pop-culture dolls and basics. And Linda designs designer dolls like Mermaid but on the other hand she is making beautiful dolls for us (collectors grown in 90´s) who love Barbie traditional faces, funny outfits, dolls for play.:) Because normal playline dolls are very boring and look the same.:(

    • dollsaga said

      the college football cheerleaders, I dont know the price, if the price is same as DOW, then, these “Cheerleaders” will be chilled out & piled up for clearance sales in walmart & BC–these are pink labels, aimed to mass market, but the designs are so specific for a small market. they look 100% playline, its better Mattel & Walmart sell them like Fashionistas, no more than $14.99/each.

      • Lubo said

        Yes, price is important, I also hope that their price won´t be higher than $14.99/each. They have to be cheaper than basics.:)

      • dollsaga said

        I think they will be more than Basic. the “Dallas Cowboy” cheerleader dolls were $24.99/each. they were 3 different versions & released in 2007, but they ended up $12.99 in my local discount stores AJwright,

  4. Lubo said

    Yes, but Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders were model muse and model muse dolls are usually more expensive than belly button dolls, except Twilight dolls.:) But both lines are licenced that could be problem.:(

    • dollsaga said

      model muse bodies may be marked up more, but they do not cost more. they are stiff bodies, articulated fashionista bodies and belly button bodies with 2 clicks on the knees are more expensive to make. if its 24.99 in 2007, you know the price has to be more now, b/c of the inflation.

    • dollsaga said

      the prices are up on BC’s website, they are $24.95 each. a big Pass for me. for these who want them, they will be $12 some day at walmart.

  5. Timothy tan said

    Yes, they are beautiful, the one wearing the emperor robe concept is a famous actress from china. This year she is wearing Chinese concept gown also.

  6. Timothy tan said

    See this

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