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Archive for June, 2012

AMC –The Killers

Posted by helen on June 30, 2012

Ava Gardner truly was the most beautiful actress  on the earth.

 “The Killers”  established her reputation as a femme fatale.

This project was suggested by a friend  2 years ago, I never did it. –Now  its time for  my Silkstone  AMC  to continue. 

it was absolutely a struggle to finish the dress–ruched dress is just not an easy job for me.


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Empress of Aliens

Posted by helen on June 27, 2012

She arrived early this morning, so early,  I was  still dreaming…

she is such a pile of plastic–many cheap plastic pieces on her..  lol  but she is the most interesting doll of the year– I purchased her just for this reason,  it’s not that I love her to pieces..


plastic shoes are pretty acceptable:

She is sold out, if you wanted her & ordered her, great,  if you wanted her but missed her, don’t get upset , move on, there will be another doll for you.

Inspiration of this doll: Katy Perry ET music Video

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kitty corner Francie

Posted by helen on June 26, 2012

 silkstone Francie “Kitty Corner” giftset  will be available  in Aug, 2012

some dealers now accept pre-orders,  even offer  discount if you pre-order her, I dont think you need to pre-order her. 

she is better than the previous 2 silkstone Francie dolls , but her costumes are not cute enough to make her a great seller.

the other 2 silkstone Francies’  prices went down dramatically, the dealer exclusive “check please”  is no longer a “dealer exclusive”,   I saw her at  Century 21 Dept. Store for $49, Century 21 is not a “gold label dealer” but a discount store like Marshall’s or TJmaxx.  the club exclusive is still on BC web for sale. price dropped from $85 to $65. neither of them are good sellers, if this one doesn’t sell, I guess Silkstone Francie will die out. so if you wanna support Francie, buy her.. lol

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Happy holidays Brunette Barbie Kmart exclusive

Posted by helen on June 25, 2012

the holiday season is a half-year away, but Happy Holidays Barbie dolls have already hit the market  for sale.

 This year’s holiday doll was designed  by Mr. Bill Greening.   A fair-skinned blonde and a dark toned AA will be widely distributed.  However, Kmart will have a variation: a Brunette doll with Raven hair.  Retail Price: $40.95.


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Summer time

Posted by helen on June 22, 2012

Bond Girl Goldfinger took off her heavy black suit and dressed up for some summer fun:

Who wears better?

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Rush of Rose Gold

Posted by helen on June 20, 2012

She is more a “let’s go disco” girl from 1980s. if she were a pink label doll, many people would not want her, but she is a platinum, so people fought for her…

her face is prettier than “splash of silver”,  but still, Lara face isn’t the most popular one. I think other faces should have been used on this doll just to avoid the repeats in this series.

She completes the “Precious Metals” series:

from left: splash of silver, Glimmer of Gold, Pinch of Platinum and Rush of Rose Gold

they don’t really go together. Platinum dolls should be “stand-alone” dolls, making series only causes more craze… many people who dont love the doll but want to complete the series since they purchased the previous dolls joined the crowds to fight.. lol yes, its laughable to me, whenever I see people get upset for not being able to grab a platinum doll, they bash eBay sellers, hate mattel, they blame everyone…

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wordless wednesday…

Posted by helen on June 20, 2012

Again, these  are not my dolls, I added some retouches on them  based on the detailed instructions…    they have been with me for months,  nowI can finally say goodbye to all of them, and move on to my Barbie convention projects..

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dolls of the world sales on Gilt

Posted by helen on June 19, 2012

Sales starts tomorrow 9PM eastern time, sorry I got my Dates mixed up, I thought it was tonight  and sent out wrong info on facebook. lol –dont blame me, who can wait for sales!


need an invitation to join gilt? http://www.gilt.com/invite/barbie61

but if you dont have  a  budget for them right now, I am sure these dolls will be $15 someday somewhere, you just need to be patient.  

I dont think I am buying any of them right now.. as I have  Barbie Convention Expenses need to be  covered.

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silkstone stars

Posted by helen on June 19, 2012

when  Grace Kelly silkstone Dolls are still lingering around the market,  Elizabeth Taylor dolls are ready to  hit the shop in Sept.

the dolls are  “White diamond” & “Violet Eyes”.

I did not buy Grace Kelly Dolls even the prices has dropped under $100 on Target online & Gilt online.  Somehow I am just not crazy about these 2 dolls.  The bridal gown and the black dress with large flower prints are just not the types of fashions I would like, besides that, doll faces are not as pretty as Grace Kelly herself.  

Not sure about the price point of  these Elizabeth Taylor dolls, if the range is from $145-$175 same as Grace kelly, I’ll have to pass on her as well. perhaps we will see the sample dolls at the Barbie Convention. 

But I am sure Elizabeth Taylor Dolls will be selling much better than Grace Kelly dolls.


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Red Moon

Posted by helen on June 19, 2012

the doll was red moon,  someone repainted her but she did not satisfy her owner, so she was sent to me for a new hairdo and  some retouch on her eye shadows…  after her hair was done, I cut my own hair, my new hairdo is similar to hers, but  more modern, laser cut on both sides.. I just saved myself $50 & a trip to the  hair salon..


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