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Tulips Vs. Roses

Posted by helen on May 10, 2012

 Jingle Flowers “Comme Des Garcons” Barbie dolls came out in Dec. 2009, the price was $385  in the NYC CDG store  (£225 in Europe?)  Amazingly, they sold out pretty fast,  someone wanted to buy and asked me to call the store in NYC, I did and was told  the dolls were already sold out,  I was happy that it saved  me a  subway ride in a cold winter day as I did not care for these dolls.  lol

there are 3 of them in the collection: Steffie, Lea & Diva from Barbie basic collection 001, all  wear an ill-fitting dress that has large armholes, the giant rose prints is called “Jingle flowers”,   I think  the store was selling Handbags that had  the same prints.

 I am not  the one who would spend more than $400 (after tax)  on a doll like this, she is just a Barbie Basic doll,  should be no more than $19.  I have never heard “Comme Des Garcons” before this doll, so the brand is  worth nothing to me –lol,  sorry to say, if everyone is like me, many big-name designers will have to go out of business, as I just dont care for the big names, its the conent that counts.   

so, I have this piece of fabric that I could not find any use of it,  after seeing this CDG doll again today, I came up with this:

Tulip vs Rose. 

See my Steffie’s Lady GaGa shoes? lol –they were  from Fashionista Pack.  It would be great if its black or Red or Orange, we need dramatic colors, not pale old gold…



18 Responses to “Tulips Vs. Roses”

  1. Alrunia said

    I have heard of Comme des Garçons before but not of this doll and I must say that it is offensively lame. How come other designers at least get a unique looking doll, even though the Louboutin ones that didn’t sell very well they are no doubt not some random doll in a “designer” outfit. (not to mention older ones such as Tarina Tarantino and Cynthia Rowley, they were brilliant) I wonder what happened here. Did Mattel only let them design a dress and then decided to stick it on Basics overstock dolls they had handy, or were Comme des Garçons get approached by Mattel to design a doll and didn’t really give a crap, put a quickie dress on the first doll they saw in a store and called it a day.

    • dollsaga said

      I wondered if the dress was made by Mattel or by Comme Des Garcons’ seamstresses? Mattel never made such a crappy dress before.
      No, Comme Des Garcons is not the only “designer” who did things like this, have you ever seen the top model Barbie dressed by Danielle Scutt? as bad as Comme Des Garcons, ill fitting clothes –as if she stole it from someone else, read the story here:

      • dollsaga said

        As long as dolls like this are labeled “Platinum”, their prices go up like crazy, people put them up on ebay for more than $1,000 each, and someone out there will buy it. I wish I had the fortune (I mean $$$$), but if I had, perhaps I’d still buy something else nicer.. not these dolls…

  2. Sandra said

    I remember when this set of dolls came out. People had a hard time believing that an already released doll would be sold with such an ill fitting dress and marked up just for the designer name. It’s too bad because the doll is just an unfortunate casualty in the whole enterprise. She is such a sweet and pretty doll and so are the others and they were just eclipsed by the dress. Maybe I would pay $40 just because she was rare. Oh well, your dress is much cuter!

    • dollsaga said

      I remember reading comments online when these dolls came out, someone wrote that his grandma would do mutch nicer job with the dress. lol –the point is, a simply constructed dress that every amateur sewer can do certainly is not worth $400, no matter how big the designer is. in this case, the desginer certainly does not live up to her big names if she cant even tailor a better fitted dress.

    • dollsaga said

      oh, my god, her price is $900 on eBay.

  3. yesterdoll said

    I don’t care for this “designer” creation either. Your dress is so much more colorful and nicer on that Basic. The Danielle Scutt looks like a cleaning woman to me, sorry don’t know any other way to describe such a creation. Maybe I just don’t “get” the design of the clothes, but the doll itself is pretty.

    • dollsaga said

      what can we say? if a designer has his name, whatever he designs, people buy it. “consumer behaviours” is something interesting we need to study.

  4. Ingrid said

    It should also be noted that there are collectors who love platinum label dolls. They might not like some of the dolls but do love the label. The only platinum that I love is Deirdre. Zac Posen was nice but just sold it. I am so tired of MM dolls.

    • dollsaga said

      agree. as I mentioned before, people would pay more than $1,000 for “platinum label” not the quality of the doll. beyond my understanding.

  5. dollsaga said

    Love it or hate it, check out eBay http://cgi.ebay.com/330699773598 $900 for this doll, someone bought it!

  6. gooner899@gmail.com said

    off-kilter is the style of comme des garcons. the awkward look is their schtick. interestingly, comme des is not a big label name. do some research on rei kawakubo, the creative director of cdg, before you point fingers. that is all.

    • dollsaga said

      No one has pointed fingers until you stuck out yours. the real interesting thing is: 川久保玲 (Rei Kawakubo) is so used to critiques and she welcomes them just like very successful Designer/businesswomen does. it is someone like you often feel offended and think other are less informative or too dumb to understand the design concepts –that’s the all ugly truth.

      • gooner899@gmail.com said

        you pointed the first finger when you equated the quality of her business to a barbie doll…guess the brand is only good if its worth something to you, right? Cute that you wrote her name in Japanese though…save the translation next time. I’m well versed in the language of fashion, thanks.

      • dollsaga said

        I dont have fat fingers as you do, I am free to express my opinion. I have never felt the need to lecture others how to do researches. you are here again & again to demonstrate that you know better than others, and attack people who hold different opinions, when some of my visitors & I said we didnt like Byron Lars Fenella Layla, Wow, your jumped in & called us “stupid” “stupid ass” “ass hole” “get a life”.. the world sees your intelligent level –Stupid people love to use the word “stupid”, these who dont have a life demand others to “get a life”.

        Am I impressed that you read Japanese? of course I am! only I did not write her name in Japanes, its in “simplified” Chinese–what a shame you didnt know.

    • hehe@writeme.com said

      don’t know what your problems are, you have NO constructive opinions about the design, but bags of stones to throw on people who don’ t like the design.
      — “save the translation next time, I’m well versed in the language of fashion”
      —“it is simiplifed Chinese”


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