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Bob Mackie–the dramatic Circus Tour Barbie

Posted by helen on May 9, 2012

I took some pictures of Circus Barbie when she was sneak-peeked at 2010 Barbie Convention,    I’ve never made plans to purchase  her until she went on sale last week — just like I predicted 2 years ago.. .  Here she is, arrived home super fast :

She is absolutely a stunning doll that represents the Quality of Mattel & Barbie. she has very detailed & beautiful costumes & packaging.  The package is huge, 6 times bigger than a silkstone doll package.  she deserves a big Mansion, my little messy place is just not for her…

Its beyond my understanding how some people would pay $175 to buy a  simple doll sheath on Etsy.com,  but would not buy a doll like this at $175.   I wouldnt buy her at $175  two years ago, but I am changing …  Now I do buy expensive dolls if they have great qualities.   and I have started exploring other dolls besides Barbie.. well, a Poppy Parker doll is supposed to show up today, but she didnt, hope post office didnt deliver her to the wrong door…

23 Responses to “Bob Mackie–the dramatic Circus Tour Barbie”

  1. Sandra said

    I love your pictures. I had no interest in this doll but she is rather unique. Glad you got her!

    • dollsaga said

      that’s a little surprse for me that Sandra didnt buy this doll!

      • rnold said

        sandra this doll is so beautiful…i was minutes speechless when i got this doll from mackie…..same reaction when i got the golden legacy…..even my friend who hated dolls specially barbie dolls awed from its look….he was also speechless and changed his mindset regarding barbie as a trashy toy…….i even got a treath from a friend that he will dollnap my circus barbie….lol

      • Sandra said

        LOL, the price kept me away. Also, I have no room to display her. She is gorgeous but just not my thing even at the cheaper price.

  2. angelbarbie8 said

    I also didn’t really have an interest in her until I couldl get her for only $39.95… Thats more my price I like LOL

    • dollsaga said

      She is a quality doll, but I just knew people would not pay $175 for her. I commented on my blog 2 years ago, I said her price would go down to $50 if you waited for 2 years–its so unfortunate, I was right. 2 years later, she was on clearance sale for $52. many bought her at $30 something as they had $20 rewards from the Fan Club.

      Congrats on getting her. lol

      • angelbarbie8 said

        Yes, That is how I got mine used my $20 reward on her so I ended up paying only $39.95 for her…
        Too bad they weren’t also running for free shipping…. LOL…
        My Circus should be here tomorrow…

        So What do you think of the New AA SIlkstone & The ne wRedhead silkstone in Yellow gown…?
        Do you think that they will also be on the sale shelf or clearance or do you think they will sell out…?

      • dollsaga said

        what happened to Tribute & Darya?? both went on sale. Tribute was $50 at Gilt. oh, mine, all the russian silkies and palm beach silkies hit the bottom price at some point & somewhere… if not on BC, then, Amazon, eBay, Target, Kmart… I got 2 Russian dolls from eBay, both under $48 (including shipping, tax free, cheaper than gilt)
        but I have to know the production number of AA & Yellow Gown. if more than 5,000 each, both will go on sale. if the production number is less than 3,400 each, then, buy the AA when you have the $$. but I dont believe the production number is low, they will make more than 5,000.

      • angelbarbie8 said

        Ya, Hope to find out production numbers soon…
        Thanks for you input…
        I agree…

        I would like to get both AA & Redhead Silkstone but I really like the redhead in yellow gown the best…

  3. angelbarbie8 said

    I wished they would hurry up with my Mermaid still on backorder until 9/14… 😦

  4. Timothy said

    Do you like Empress of the Aliens? Will you get it?

  5. Timothy said

    Do you know the fashion of Darya is copy from McQueen design?

    • dollsaga said

      yes, I do know. I think I posted pictures on BFC. it was from fall winter 2010 collection.

      the Happy Holidays Barbie 2010 wears a gown that similar to one of MCQueen’s pieces from winter 2008 collection.

  6. She’s absolutely beautiful! I ordered my dolls on the 4th and they still haven’t even shipped them. I emailed them and they said that they really had a great response to the sale and they’re working as fast as they can to get everything out. I’ll cut them some slack, but I’m so excited it’s hard to wait. I used up my fan club money for this quarter on Katness, but I was so excited at checkout to get the additional 20%. I guess I didn’t read it well enough and just thought I was getting the reduced price; which I was happy with, so to get the extra 20% off was a great Bonus!!! Fancie Brights will be my first Silkstone besides the Maria Therese Bride I bought my daughter 6 years ago. I was even a collector then and didn’t know what a gem that I had found until recently when I took her out of storage and looked her up. As far as buying other dolls like FR; I now have two and I really love them. I just wish they weren’t so expensive, but their clothing quality is out of this world! I’m glad you took the plunge and bought a Poppy Parker; I would like to have her too someday.

    Well, congratulations on your beautiful Circus doll. I hope you find a great place to put her and show us pictures.

  7. rnold said

    bought this circus doll 2 years ago when barbie collector had it on sale for 100USD 2 months after its launch…..probably its not selling fast after the launch….i didnt regret buying this doll bec its so beautiful….plus workmaship wise its stunning……and i think this is not so popular to collector bec its reach 2 years of not being sold out….i regret buying the bob mackie dracula……..the dress is fine but the face looks funny as a dracua…..but this mackie circus…….wow to the highest level….but check on ebay….circus is still unpopular…very sad…….

    • dollsaga said

      the Circus price will go up soon, but not much more than its original. the original price $175 was too high. for people who bought her at $52, she is a great “investment”.

  8. Ingrid said

    She is a beautiful but not a $175 doll, perhaps $150. I missed her since I don’t sacrifice sleep for dolls, especially Barbie. Even then, I think yours the eyes are not even. I am seriously been very picky lately with my dolls. I don’t mind paying as long as the doll truly worth the asking price.

    • dollsaga said

      agree, I took a look at these shoes yesterday evening, nothing special if you compare the price. so I wish to sell them on eBay as Sandra suggested.

  9. kt said

    I can’t belive your perdictations were right it has been 2 years and her price has lowerd to the 50 dollars level

    • dollsaga said

      I feel sad for Mattel! if they didnt rais the price from $100 to $175, the doll would have sold out faster. you see, these fantasy dolls are all $100, but they sell.

  10. Timothy said

    I missed the additional 20%….sad. I ordered on 9 May. Will you get Empress of the Aliens??

    • dollsaga said

      yes, I will get the Empress of the Aliens as soon as she goes on sale. I wont wait on this one —I did not wait on the Galaxy & Mermaid. either.

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