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Designed by Helen

Posted by helen on May 6, 2012

All these pictures were not taken by me,  but  the products were designed by me  years ago for the 2 companies I have worked for.  they were popular in Museum shops, little boutiques, trendy gift shops…  you may still see them somewhere… in the shops or  old magazines..

Soap was my first love,  here are  a few pictures:

Soap-in-soap  (tranparent glycerine soap features  soap flower or words)


Soap on Bamboo


Fabric-covered butterfly & Dragonfly notebooks


Matching soap set:


Cherry Blossom journals


Matching Soap  Set:


Hand-bound Note books inspired by old Chinese Posters:

Matching soap packs:


My Parasol Designs are well loved by wedding/party  planners,  brides, bridemaids…


Butterflies (the pattern was inspired by a piece of batik  fabric I have)


also designed wrapping paper to match:

Double happiness Parasols:

Dragonfly Messenger bags:

Matching Scarves:

still love my butterfly tote:

so these were a few things  I did before I collected dolls.  I also  designed tons of Fancy Greeting Cards, they were sold at smithsonian museum (soho) gift shop for $16/each,  but I couldnt find a Single picure of them!

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5 Responses to “Designed by Helen”

  1. dollsaga said

    just saw this picture on facebook, a store carries parosols posted it:

  2. janet said

    Helen, you are a very talented lady! I would be hard pressed to decide which item to buy it I found these in a shop. All beautiful. Don’t soppose you make the parosols barbie size do you?

  3. I’m speechless. It always dumbfounds me when I learn something like this about another collector; I suppose it’s because I can’t imagine another life outside of the huge collections or other talents they may have within the collecting realm. Sounds stupid; I know. Wow, Helen, your talent is so amazing. It explains your gift of sewing so well a bit more. I’m deeply impressed and so happy for you to have led such a (hopefully) fulfilling life. I can’t wait to see what else you’re hiding behind these website walls. I wish I could just have this huge party inviting all the wonderful people I’ve met in just these past few months of collecting. I would love to get to know you all better. For me, it’s like seeing a bowl of ice cream from across a barricaded fence and not being able to enjoy it’s rich flavor or feel the cold on my tongue and all the other little elements that make it so interesting; or so close, yet so far away; just missing. (please don’t grade my terrible grammar :D ) Thank you so much for sharing this side of you! It’s wonderful to get to know you better. I may have to do the same on my blog; maybe others will find it interesting to learn more about me; though I don’t think I could ever “WOW” anyone, but it’s nice to just shed some light. I hope you have a blessed day; happy Sunday to you!

  4. sandra said

    I love all the artistic details! Your creativity is boundless!~

  5. dollsaga said

    Thank you to you all. the purpose of this posting was trying to gain enough interests for me to craft a new resume and start looking for a new job, but I just could NOT do it!
    so, go back to play with Barbie.

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