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The fall of the Louboutin Barbie

Posted by helen on May 4, 2012

the price of “Barbie dolls by Louboutin” has finally come down from $150 to $52.  these dolls are not the worst designs, but  they certainly dont live up to the standard of $150.   Smart collectors would rather  pay $100 to have  the Mudusa doll instead (have you checkd Medusa’s  price on eBay recently?)   After more than 2 years being wallflowers, the Louboutin’s finally went on clearance shelfs last night at barbiecollector.com.

Perhaps its time for you to buy one? $52 is still  not as good as “Barbie Basics”, but you just have to ” have some respects for a big name like Louboutin”?  –I personally wouldnt care much about the differences between Louboutin shoes and Payless shoes. 

I picked the Anemone Doll. I remember when Barbie Collector first revealed the Anemone Barbie’s price tag  $150 & her promo pictures,  I made this dress  (the dress was given away at one of our Barbie Day Events):

After I made the dress, I saw the original doll at Toy Fair & FAO store ,  I made better pleats than these  factory workers did, they had patterns to follow,  I only had a promo picture when I made the dress.  


11 Responses to “The fall of the Louboutin Barbie”

  1. janet said

    I like your version much better!

  2. Wow! I wish I could sew from a picture! I have to use patterns, but even they mess me up because half of them are wrong! I don’t know how they get away with such shoddy work. Anyway, I too had to jump on the band wagon and get a Louboutin, but I had to have Dolly Forever. I’ve wanted her for a long time; I just love those boots and the rest of the accessories that come with her. I also got Francie; she is sooooo cute! Great sale today!

    • dollsaga said

      thank you Susan, and congrats on your Louboutin doll! if I had enough fund, I’d have got “dolly forever”. I decided to buy silkstones instead.

      • I think my mindset was “What can I play with easier?” 😀 I’m so into playing right now that just displaying is difficult; even though I could do some lovely head shots or fashion shots. Decisions, decisions…it’s soooooo hard, because I want them all!

  3. Rnold said

    i like your dress more than the original animone……the fabric looks far better and the fitting is very good……..yes…..silkstone sale is great..now i got the russia doll w o spending 150…good thing i waited…..the dolly forever is the one i got bec of the boots….well its been a long wait since they released them 2 years ago…..n u are right the basics #14 are far better than the actual louboutin doll releases… ….this is the best sale i got……..after the sale 2 years ago wc includes cleopatra 75 2byron lars 45 and 55 and golden legacy 90…now they pricey on ebay….

  4. Dee said

    Beautiful work Helen!! You could teach those factory workers a thing or three about making doll clothes!! There’s really no comparison, you beat them by far! Your little soap gifts packages are delightful too, and love your messenger bags (especially the pink one! )

  5. Theresa said

    Yes I too have to agree that your version looks better. The colors alone are not too blindingly vibrant compared to the original.

  6. Timothy said

    yes yours better, even the length looks better, the original one is abit short

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