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Pink Portraits

Posted by helen on May 28, 2012

I saw this “Music Center Matinee ” set at Barbie convention, its priced $350. I could not afford it or let me  put it this way:  I would rather buy a bunch of new dolls ….   so  I took a picture of  it:

so Here comes my “Repro” — I call it  “Pink Portrait” —


From Music Center to seaside:

I need to find  her a pair of Pink Pumps. I am sure I have it.

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butterfly fabrics

Posted by helen on May 23, 2012

I am a fabric Hoarder.  Its time for me to “manage” my fabric collections, but I just dont know HOW, there re too much, piling up everywhere… 

here is a very small part of my “butterfly” collections: 

this pc of fabric was purchased to make myself a sun dress,   the fabric remnants benefited Barbie:

 I dont always like to cut off my fabric & make dresses,  I just like collecting them. I have no problem deboxing Barbie, but I am reluctant to cut my fabric into pieces.








Black Faux silk  Brocade:

Gold Faux Silk  Brocade:

Green sequins

A group of silk

A group of cotton

Barbie Retro vintage Style OOAK Garden Party  Butterfly Dress for Silkstone Dolls

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Deboxed & displayed.

Posted by helen on May 20, 2012

Afternoon suit is out of her box, from suit to evening gown:

 she set up a Poker Date,  now she is on her way to Midge & Allen’s house to  play Poker Games with them.

The street theme is Soho, NYC, I used to work in one of these buildings.  our office was between “Eileen Fisher” and “Anthropologie”.

This Poker Dress killed a  piece of very nice  silk fabric.  the fabric is so delicate,  my toy-like sewing machine refused to cooperate, so I had to hand-stitch pieces together,  I cant tell you how much work I have put on– but I can say: I’ll never want to make a deplicate— no more patience left for it.

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A girl you know named “Darya”

Posted by helen on May 14, 2012

I missed USPS delivery on last Friday and had to make a trip to pick up my package at post office. my post office is always crowded.. long line, long wait… today the PosterMaster was on the floor offering some customers his “fast service”, so the line could move faster. he helped to find my package and noticed it was from “Barbie collectors” so he said he used to be a Barbie Collector who collected all the porcelain Barbie dolls… what a surprise! Barbie really has huge fan bases.

Coming home with me was 4 silkstone dolls, but only this Darya is the one I have not had in my collection until now:

I like her pretty face, very festival, but I am not a big fan of this type of costumes. we know its inspried by McQueen, McQueen has many pretty designs, why did this Darya steal this one, perhaps she thought this one represents her “Russian” heritage.  but if I were her, I’d pick whatever sells better… I’d grab this one or this one, the doll would have been sold out long long times ago if  she wore one of these dresses.

 A card came along with the package:

A nice card,  but I prefer a doll sketch instead of these words. even just a line drawing…  as it would make the card collectible.

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Happy Mother’s Day…

Posted by helen on May 13, 2012

Barbie is old enough to be a great-grandmother, many think she was born in 1959, that’s actually incorrect. she made her debut on the world stage in 1959, she was at least 16 years old  at that time, so she is  at her  early or mid 70s now.   

but she is not a mother, guess why?

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Tulips Vs. Roses

Posted by helen on May 10, 2012

 Jingle Flowers “Comme Des Garcons” Barbie dolls came out in Dec. 2009, the price was $385  in the NYC CDG store  (£225 in Europe?)  Amazingly, they sold out pretty fast,  someone wanted to buy and asked me to call the store in NYC, I did and was told  the dolls were already sold out,  I was happy that it saved  me a  subway ride in a cold winter day as I did not care for these dolls.  lol

there are 3 of them in the collection: Steffie, Lea & Diva from Barbie basic collection 001, all  wear an ill-fitting dress that has large armholes, the giant rose prints is called “Jingle flowers”,   I think  the store was selling Handbags that had  the same prints.

 I am not  the one who would spend more than $400 (after tax)  on a doll like this, she is just a Barbie Basic doll,  should be no more than $19.  I have never heard “Comme Des Garcons” before this doll, so the brand is  worth nothing to me –lol,  sorry to say, if everyone is like me, many big-name designers will have to go out of business, as I just dont care for the big names, its the conent that counts.   

so, I have this piece of fabric that I could not find any use of it,  after seeing this CDG doll again today, I came up with this:

Tulip vs Rose. 

See my Steffie’s Lady GaGa shoes? lol –they were  from Fashionista Pack.  It would be great if its black or Red or Orange, we need dramatic colors, not pale old gold…


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Barbie Loves Louboutin –Anemone

Posted by helen on May 9, 2012

we have just talked about her on my blog  a couple of days ago, now she arrived with the Circus doll

take a close look: 

Her skin tone is very “red” (some people call it orange),   since Louboutin is all about shoes, so she comes with 3 pairs of shoes, these shoes looked fancy at the time of its release, but now every Fashionista doll wears cutting-edge shoes, these $4.00 separate shoe packs are great designs,  they’ve  just made these Louboutin Barbies lose another selling point.

I have to be honest, I wish I had ordered 2 Circus Barbies and didnt order this one.   Now, the Circus is sold out, Anemone remains as a Wallflower.

some of you have commented that my version of this ruched dress is better –well, it will depend on you luck, you may get a very nice dress, you may get a mess.   Not every worker in the factory is skilled and responsible, some do better job than others, the one my doll is wearing isnt so bad, I have seen much worse in others’ photos..

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Bob Mackie–the dramatic Circus Tour Barbie

Posted by helen on May 9, 2012

I took some pictures of Circus Barbie when she was sneak-peeked at 2010 Barbie Convention,    I’ve never made plans to purchase  her until she went on sale last week — just like I predicted 2 years ago.. .  Here she is, arrived home super fast :

She is absolutely a stunning doll that represents the Quality of Mattel & Barbie. she has very detailed & beautiful costumes & packaging.  The package is huge, 6 times bigger than a silkstone doll package.  she deserves a big Mansion, my little messy place is just not for her…

Its beyond my understanding how some people would pay $175 to buy a  simple doll sheath on Etsy.com,  but would not buy a doll like this at $175.   I wouldnt buy her at $175  two years ago, but I am changing …  Now I do buy expensive dolls if they have great qualities.   and I have started exploring other dolls besides Barbie.. well, a Poppy Parker doll is supposed to show up today, but she didnt, hope post office didnt deliver her to the wrong door…

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The fall of the Louboutin Barbie

Posted by helen on May 4, 2012

the price of “Barbie dolls by Louboutin” has finally come down from $150 to $52.  these dolls are not the worst designs, but  they certainly dont live up to the standard of $150.   Smart collectors would rather  pay $100 to have  the Mudusa doll instead (have you checkd Medusa’s  price on eBay recently?)   After more than 2 years being wallflowers, the Louboutin’s finally went on clearance shelfs last night at barbiecollector.com.

Perhaps its time for you to buy one? $52 is still  not as good as “Barbie Basics”, but you just have to ” have some respects for a big name like Louboutin”?  –I personally wouldnt care much about the differences between Louboutin shoes and Payless shoes. 

I picked the Anemone Doll. I remember when Barbie Collector first revealed the Anemone Barbie’s price tag  $150 & her promo pictures,  I made this dress  (the dress was given away at one of our Barbie Day Events):

After I made the dress, I saw the original doll at Toy Fair & FAO store ,  I made better pleats than these  factory workers did, they had patterns to follow,  I only had a promo picture when I made the dress.  

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More Dresses…

Posted by helen on May 3, 2012

1. Hello, Yellow!



2. Bloom Burst


Stripe Strikes


Cherry & Berry


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