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Silkstone Barbie: Walking Suit

Posted by helen on April 20, 2012

She is the most inexpensive doll in 2012 Silkstone Barbie Collection, she isnt the type of the dolls I like, but I decided to buy her and give her a set of new outfits & a new look later…

the look of this doll & the Debut’s have some similarities, but I love Debut better.

The silkstone dolls’ heads are getting bigger and bigger, it didnt bother me before, but it started bothering  when the “palm beach” line came out…  the broad forehead  & wide face are really in lack of elegance.  I tried to minimize the width of her face when I took pictures…

5 Responses to “Silkstone Barbie: Walking Suit”

  1. sandra said

    I liked her better than the promo pics. I know you will transform her! Can’t wait to see the results!

  2. I agree with Sandra. Why IS Mattel making their dolls (any Barbie) heads larger? I don’t like it. Just when they have a great face like the Barbie Basics; I see a change in a bad direction. Hey! I just started collecting; let’s not go South on me now!

  3. barbradoll said

    I detest the bigger heads on these dolls, and agree it reduces her elegance! Plus, I just do not like the straight-across-her-forehead hairline…no one’s hairline does that! The suit is nice, although I think the bow is way too big… :o)

  4. barbradoll said

    You’re right about her head looking MS sized…especially when viewing a full picture of the doll…she looks deformed! Sorry, but…EWWWW! :o)

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