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Royal Wedding

Posted by helen on April 15, 2012

I didnt plan to buy this set, but it keeps showing up in front of my eyes,  here there… kmart, BN (it still has it, $89.99),  Amazon ($100) Toys R Us ($109),  etoys (so far the lowest, $79.99). wherever I go, they are there..

finally, I just decided to get them. as I am such a “sales girl” —whatever is on sale,  I want to buy it.  $79.99 sounds like  a good price.  (now I think  they will  be $34.99 in the near future)  someone said they looked much better in person,  I certainly hoped so, UPS delivered it on Friday…they dont look better in person. 

I still dont like their looks &  their costumes..  now I need to decide what I am going to do with them.

the box is in plain black, I think  white or  ivory would be more suitable.


16 Responses to “Royal Wedding”

  1. I’m so sorry; I know what you mean about having to buy if it’s on sale. I’ve never liked them either; except for the dress. Maybe they’ll “grow” on you?

  2. barbradoll said

    Oftentimes I hear, “Buy the dolls you love, and you’ll love your collection”. After buying so many dolls over the years that I didn’t truly care for just because they were on sale, I wised-up! I have a *million* dolls I wish would just disappear, so I don’t have to deal with them…but only about 100 I truly love, and am grateful to have! It’s a lesson to be learned, and not an easy one for a doll collector! :o)

    I never cared for these dolls, and I probably wouldn’t even take them if someone gave them to me FREE! That’s the truth…and it’s not just because I don’t like them very much…it’s mostly because I can’t get past the thought of WHAT ELSE I could buy for $80-$100 that I would TOTALLY LOVE! (IF someone happened to give me these dolls free, they would absolutely go to eBay to find a new home! Sorry, just being honest here… :o)

    • dollsaga said

      lol–being honest is always the best.

      now I have to check eBay to see if I have a hope to sell them, as too many sets are on eBay now… I dont think people want to look at mine.

  3. dollsaga said

    LOL–is it a good idea to sell the N*de Prince on eBay… some of his fans will go mad and message me with anger, it happened before…. lol

  4. dollsaga said

    Let’s say I am super super lucky, the set is gone, someone loves them and wants them, so I dont have to deal with eBay anymore

  5. Alrunia said

    What face mold does Catherine have? Generation Girl? Summer?
    I liked them in the promo pics, but after seeing real pictures I don’t. Oh well.

    • dollsaga said

      She has Generation Girl Face. they painted 2 red dots on her cheeks –these are supposed to be her dimples. but they look strange

  6. Rnold said

    does catherines dress the same quality as the grace kelly bride?…it looks similar…williams suit looks good on promo pics……but now looking at your pics……its a no..and the face looks pocahontas groom

    • dollsaga said

      I think the dress quality is same as Kelly’s. but there are not enough details to resemble the real dress. the lace patterns are UGLY. the wedding day Barbie’s lace gown has better patterns.


  7. dollsaga said

    I wondered why this set has not been seen in my local stores? 25,000 sets were released, they cant all end up online, some have to go to the stores, Toys R Us website said they are avaialbe in the stores, but I just dont see them in my local stores? have you seen them in your stores?

  8. dollsaver said

    Have not seen them & thanks for posting the pics. Not happy-though William’s face looks more like him.

    • dollsaga said

      lol, it does look “more like him”, I thought Rnold’s comment was funny, too, he looks like pocahontas’s forever love.. I just saw that doll in toys R Us, it makes me laugh.

  9. dollsaver said

    Thanks for the post-not thrilled. Although William does have a resemblance.

  10. With more than 20,000 sets produced, it’s all pretty random…some are indeed much better with better cut fabrics and a more secure fit, especially on the Kate doll. I saw one belonging to a friend of mine and I thought she look pretty decent. The lace pattern (though not identical to the actual gown) is lovelier and the overall look is closer to the actual person. Even the William is not as shabby. So I guess you need to look closely at the ones offered for sale. I certainly will, since I still like this two quite well…

    • dollsaga said

      they were purchased online, I couldnt pick & choose. they are not my dolls, I m just happy they have gone to someone likes them. I will not buy another set. I just dont care for them.

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