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eBay Drama — luck on April Fool’s Day

Posted by helen on April 1, 2012

Check out  http://www.ebay.com/itm/120884153049  &   http://www.ebay.com/itm/150782802330

2 auctions are for the same doll, the first one has gone up to $76.35,  perhaps will go higher  when it ends;  the 2nd one only costs you $1.5+$5.75=$7.25

Is it okay to call the bidders “fools”?  –its Fool’s day anyway unless   the seller is playling games to fool people.

Who is that  Barbie?  she is Summer Sophisticated Barbie, you can  buy her NRFB  under $15 (shipped)   or  less,  http://www.ebay.com/itm/170799997489  & http://www.ebay.com/itm/360446288964

 I have bought one at $12 ..but here is my friendly reminder: this doll has quality issues, the one I bought was never removed from box,  after I deboxed her & took a closer look, I found she has some tiny holes on her face…   you know some dolls are like this as time goes by… another quality issue besides sticky legs and greasy faces…

bottom line, be informative when you bid on eBay items,  even you are rich and dont have to consider your $$ budget, isnt it wiser if you just buy a NRFB for $15 instead of going crazy to bid a nude doll for $80–unless you really hate other bidders and truly want to defeat them &  have the pride of a winning bidder.  

I wish this post helps the other 2 sellers to get bids.  😀

people often ask if their Barbie dolls would be worth something in the 2ndary market, I always answer back: your dolls value depends on your abilities to sell.. in this case, some people’s “Summer Sophisticated  doll is worth nothing, someone’s is worth more than $76.  take notes and learn your lesson.

Check complete listings for this doll:



8 Responses to “eBay Drama — luck on April Fool’s Day”

  1. sandra said

    If I see a loose doll that I like and I don’t know who she was originally I find out. Often times you can get her in the box for cheaper. If the buyer isn’t savvy on ebay it’s really their fault!

    • dollsaga said

      I suspected it is a “shill bidding”, only 2 bidders bidded on it, one of the bidders’ bid activities showed “87% activities” with this particular seller… it doesnt look right.

  2. Aisha said

    Hello !

    Ive been following your blog for quite some time now 🙂 I enjoy reading the unbiased reviews and reading all the news.

    Regarding the auction, they both seem to have ended at the same high price. I’ll list my reason as to why I bid on dolls higher than the available cheaper dolls.

    Sometimes, I purchase dolls which go WAY higher than the available ones on ebay – crazy prices. The explanation ? US Only auctions. The majority of dolls sold on ebay are US only – so if a doll, particularly a really rare one shows up, the bidding may go higher than the average doll since its open to international buyers.

    Another thing maybe because the I have already purchased a doll from the seller, and to save on shipping, purchase other dolls/outfits even if they go higher to save on shipping and imports/vats etc. Especially Europeans who purchase from those who are willing to decrease the value on the papers since the taxes/vats there is crazy high !

    Also off topic – but how did you find out the bidders 87% activity with the particular seller ? I ask because some auctions I bid on, I suspect the other is a sock puppet – but I cant see their feedback to check if they bid on the sellers auctions, or purchase those 1c auctions to build up feedback.

  3. robincua© said

    That’s really crazy. I won an auction of a nude Summer Sophisticate Barbie a couple of years back for only $0.99 with free shipping! Must be a tactical thing and it’s really crazy! LOL!

  4. Nicole said

    I agree… If you are going to spend that much on just the outfit ONLY You might as well buy the whole outfit & Doll For Less than what the Outfit Only went for…


    $137.50 for Outfit Only (NUTS!)

    Or Even http://www.ebay.com/itm/2012-AFTERNOON-SUIT-BARBIE-SILKSTONE-GOLD-LABEL-FASHION-OUTFIT-ONLY-/260989063033?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3cc4290f79

    $99.00 still nuts!

  5. Rnold said

    well some bidders are really crazy…probably they get satisfaction on collection that is bought more than the market price…..sense of pride……i guess,,,and that doesnt work for me…….the cheaper the better…

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