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the differences?

Posted by helen on March 5, 2012

So we are all informed that the mermaid doll has a new face mold.  I really can’t tell how different they are, the photos may tell more, but in real life, I really can not tell them apart. they seem like to have the same facemold.

11 Responses to “the differences?”

  1. Tiffany said

    Interesting comparison! To me, it appears the mermaid’s nostrils are slightly narrower, and her chin is just a tiny bit more square, than the Louboutin mold. From the pictures, I’d consider the mermaid’s face to be an ‘altered Louboutin’ mold, but Mattel would probably say it’s a ‘new’ mold, because of the minute alterations they made. :o)

  2. sandra said

    Wow, it’s just a slight difference but I agree with Tiffany. It’s just the nose and chin that are slightly altered. Very pretty and magical though!

  3. Helen, I can’t tell them apart, but if the other ladies are right, then it’s just Mattel trying to call something old new again!

  4. dollsaga said

    I dont see the point to make a new face that’s so similar to the old one. each face should be totally unique of its own. I think I’ll go to buy a couple of more Barbie Basic #14 then, maybe she will soon be retired & replaced by this new face.

  5. hmmm wow whats the point of two molds that look alike? lol i GUESS on the mermaid her nose is a tad skinnier and her forehead is smaller. but seriously, i dont get it :/

  6. Alison said

    Very interesting.
    Comparison photo always help. I had no idea she was close the the lounoutin sculpt, but she sure looks the part! Thanks for sharing. I really like the Mermaid now! 😉

  7. Rnold said

    the only change i see is the leghth of the nose and the make-up….n everything is just the same…

  8. Art said

    I´m not sure but for me it´s the Mermaid has the Louboutin facemold, the angle and the makeup obviously change the expression of the doll!!! I was watching the other day on Flickr OOAK Louboutin dolls and they looked like another type of facemold.

    • dollsaga said

      the photos do show slight differences, but if I hold 2 dolls in hand, I cant really tell the differences espeically the noses, they look almost identical in real life. perhaps the Louboutin’s cheekbones look a little bit harsher. but its just not enough to distinguish one from the other.

  9. Alrunia said

    Maybe Mattel doesn’t quite own all the rights to the original Louboutin facemold? I could see them changing it minimally so it doesn’t look like a different one but they can make use of it freely. I have no idea how copyrights on this sort of thing work in the US, but it kind of makes sense.
    I can also see this happening if the original mold was damaged and the changes were due to restoration work- a new mold is supposedly crazy expensive, so I don’t know if they’d essentially copy what they have with such minute changes for the hell of it.

    • dollsaga said

      Mattel owns the copyright of the louboutin face mold. its a Barbie doll facemold, it has nothing to do with Louboutin brand. Mattel calls the face mold “glimmer”, not “Louboutin” but “Glimmer”. but collectors are used to calling it “Louboutin”, as that’s the first doll they saw in the market. The mold has been used in Barbie Basic line twice.

      with modern technology, creating a new face mold is no longer expensive. creativity is all it costs

      I used to work with Soap manufacturers, creating a new soap mold was very expensives back then, but now, it doesnt cost much.

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