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Splash — the Mermaid Barbie

Posted by helen on March 5, 2012

She arrived in a cold day. I have always admired Mattel designers for their abilities to make things simple but still quite sellable & profitable…

the hairstyle, the costumes, and all the plastic pieces… nothing fancy, but she is expensive.

 she has no shoes.  Her feet was sewn in this sequined bag. (okay, its a skirt,  but if the bottom is sealed, that’s more a bag, not a skirt), 

see that? she has 2 pairs of fins, but she has no tail. fishtail is so important to fish, fish can not swim or move without its tail.

she looks more like  “Goddess of the Galaxy”  type,  quite unapproachable.   or lets say her facial expression is more like a model on the runway,

I like the prototype much better:


10 Responses to “Splash — the Mermaid Barbie”

  1. I agree prototype I like her makeup better
    but the produced one is O.K. too…
    but do also like prototype better…

  2. Gee, the supposedly new face is indeed the Louboutain! I never thought of it till you mention it. I thought it was new! They say it was new! But guess just the makeup is different. Anyways great job with the photos. It’s very flattering for the doll. Now I want her too!

  3. Very gorgeous! And, yeah, thought she was suppose to have a new face sculpt, but she’s definately a Louboutin face. Also love the doll better than the prototype as she has long rooted lashes. Now I hope the fashion isn’t sewn on! She has a pivital body, which is super nice! I’m waiting until BC has a sale, if there’s any left, that is!

  4. Rnold said

    i like it very much its just that the flaw was on your 8 picture…its very dissapointing to see that unfinishd tail…now if im buying this…i need to put some tail to cover that sequined bag….

    • Rnold said

      i have the goddess of the galaxy…and that is far better than this in terms of quality and style….now im still thingkin more than twice of buying her….

      • dollsaga said

        I think 2 dolls have the same quality. both have too much “plastic pieces” going on. Goodess of the Galaxy’s Bodysuit is awful, not removable and it stains the doll’s body. I have seen some eBay sellers sell the nude Galaxy, they damaged the doll’s body, left deep scraches on the doll torso while removing the bodysuit, there are black color stains on the doll torso as well. I also believe as time goes by, the bodysuit will lose it shine, become dull and look “rusty”.

      • Rnold said

        not to mention also athena doll…..also shiny plastic…..

  5. The prototype is very pretty and she looks rather innocent, The actual doll is very harsh is appearance, I’m not buying her.

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