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What’s new?

Posted by helen on February 8, 2012

1. you may renew or purchase  Barbie Fan club Membership for 2012.

2. New dolls in the shop:
Fantasy mermaid (price: $100)


 Lets play Barbie doll: (Price $175)


Fuchsia N Fur (no price, only a sketch on the Fan club Promo page.  she may be  the  silkstone Francie for 2012)


11 Responses to “What’s new?”

  1. sandra said

    Great post! I’m looking forward to the Francie!

    • dollsaga said

      I would like to buy the Fantasy Mermaid, only I dont have enough money for her right now. I dont care for her cosutems, but its a new face in “Barbie Collector” Line

  2. Yvonne said

    $175!! That’s a whole lot for a repro! Sparkling pink was 100 but easily went down after a while…really wanted the repros but the price is too outrages!hope the price was a mistake but Im excited to have gotten afternoon suit for now:)

    • dollsaga said

      The price is not a mistake. many people think the price is not high, as there are 4 fashion packs. so it breaks down to $35 per set. is the price too high or too low? it depends what you compare to. this is how I do the math: if I purchase this set at $175, my final cost would be $203.13 including shipping & Sales Tax. with $201.13, I can easily buy 10 NRFB Repro dolls from eBay or my Local stores. I just got my “sophisticated lady” for $18. and my TJ Max had the repro “my favorite Ken” for $19 one month ago, but I didnt want him.
      besides, I dont want to tie up my $203.13 for 8 months and wait forever for the fashions to arrive, as I may have chances to grow my $203.13 into $303.13 within 8 months.

      perhaps Mattel does not know how many fashion sets they should make, so, it asks you to pre-order, and the production numbers will be determined by the numbers of the orders it receives… mattel is not a small business, I do not understand why it does this when Walmart & Target are offering layaways??

  3. Lubo said

    Helen, is Mermaid really new headmold? I have read that Linda said it but on those pics she looks like Glimmer/Loboutin headmold.:(

    • dollsaga said

      she is not Glimmer, but the head mold has been used in playline doll. a fashion fever doll in blue dress from 2007 has this face mold, you can often find this doll on eBay, just saw a seller sold one for $5.99 on ebay. here is another:

  4. Lubo said

    Thank you, I am looking forward to info about date on back of her head. Because face you mentioned is dated 2005 but maybe they will mark her with different year. For example they marked one plalyline swimsuit doll with obvious Carnivale (2003) headmold with year 2010.:)

    • dollsaga said

      I am sure the head will be downsized, it has to be smaller than playline doll’s. all the playline dolls have bigger head, they are huge. many collectors HATE “BHS” (big head syndrome), but from the picture of this mermaid, you can see her head is still pretty big!

  5. Rnold said

    im a fantasy doll lover…..though im not liking that mermaid facemold….im still considering of getting her….

    • dollsaga said

      I like her face, but I dont like her Bra Costumes. I will get her when I have enough fund… the club doll “Aternoon suit” has to come home first, besides, I’m considering to have Disney’s LE the Wedding Day Rapunzel, Presale Date is Feb 21st…. I have to quote someone’s famous sayings “so many dolls, too little money”

  6. Lubo said

    Yes, I know about headsizes, I have many headsizes in my collection.:)

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