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memory blackouts

Posted by helen on January 29, 2012

I bumped into an ex-coworker on my way to Target yesterday,  she was so excited to see me,   we chatted for a while,   it was  embarrassing that I did not recall her name no matter how hard I tried. we worked at the  same company but  in different locations, we had close work  relationships, we  used to call each other almost everyday, it lasted for 3 years…  but I suffered memory blackouts yesterday,  I just couldn’t recall her name.  A few  of other faces of  my former coworkers also came to my mind, but only faces, I could not remember their names, either…  

The entire day I kept thinking,  after 18 hours, her name finally came up. what a shame!   this  coworker is very very pretty,  she looks exactly  like this ballerina doll I saw in Target,  the shpae of the face,   the eyes, the hair and the skintone, all resemble her… so I purchased this doll  and gave her a model muse body,  from now on, I’ll never forget my coworker’s  name again.

my school mates remembered me as someone who had super memories.  it was kind of true.  I guess things change  as you age.

besides, I have not been feeling well since the new year began, I have nightmares every night, its all about losing somthing…  such as I lost my passport, I lost my suitcase, I lost my keys… 

I got a feeling that something bad would happen, and it happened.  one package I sent via usps never reached its destination and could not be located.  the other package I expected to receive never came as schdeuled, I had to call USPS and went to my local post office twice,  this one was found. I am sure this isnt the worst, something  worse  is going to happen… I try to stay positive but I am under anxiety attack–perhaps that’s one of the  reasons I had Memory blackouts.

everyone has worries. I have reasons to worry more b/c of the situation I am in.


8 Responses to “memory blackouts”

  1. dollsaga said

    saddly, my pretty-doll-like coworker isnt in great shape, she was on her way to a clinic when we encountered each other. she looked thin & very pale. she also told me another ex coworker of mine is battling with cancer, its not treatable…

  2. It’s always sad to hear a person in distress. I have my own issues and can empathize with you, more importantly I’ll think of you in my prayers. Please do not hesitate to ask for a shoulder when you feel down; it’s important to be reminded of your value especially through times like these when you’re not the person you were at your peak performance. I am not the type of person who will hold seances, candle vigils or pray over your head, so I hope that’s not a problem! 🙂 Please love yourself and try to relax, this REALLY helps. Please be good to yourself.


    • dollsaga said

      Thank you Susan! Each of us faces challenges life brings, there are times that we dont see hope at all… I try not to give up on myself… you are so right, some self-love & self-confidence are needed, thanks for the comfroting words… wish the situation turns for better… sending you my best wishes as well…

  3. Cindy in MO said

    Helen I am so sorry that you have been so distressed and I hope and “pray” that you feel better soon!
    Please take care!

    God Bless,

  4. Kirsten said

    I hope your friend does as well as she can – cancer is horrible. I had it (stage 4) and I am lucky to be here. It makes you count your blessings and sometimes we have way more than we know. Don’t worry about things like forgetting names – we all have so much going on in our lives and it’s just so normal. It’s more important that you were happy to see your former co-worker and that you have the compassion and concern about what she is dealing with. I wish you and your friend all the best. Your dolls are gorgeous!

  5. dollsaga said

    I am still constantly having these “lost dreams”, usually, I lost my own stuffs in my dreams, such as luggage, passport.. but last night, in my wild dreams, someone asked me to baby-sit 2 kids, I took these 2 kids to ride a bus, at the ends, I was not even on the original bus I boarded, and these 2 kids were nowhere to be found…I was so scared, and I woke up…

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