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Holiday Hostess–Christmas Cheer

Posted by helen on January 22, 2012

Just my opinion,  “holiday Hostess” dolls  are too  “plain and simple”  for $75.

every Amateur sewer can do these “retro styled” dresses, there isnt a challenge at all. 

dont hate us, we beat mattel’s sample maker, lol the Redhead Joan Holloway will be your 2012 holiday Hostess:
Holiday Hostess “Christmas Cheer”

 Holiday Hostess

Holiday Hostess

Holiday Hostess

Holiday Hostess

Holiday Hostess

8 Responses to “Holiday Hostess–Christmas Cheer”

  1. Deborah said

    Bravo! That is gorgeous and you are very correct, simple elegant easy styling! Hmmm I think I might have to add this style dress to my repertoire!

    • dollsaga said

      Mattel knows how to make money out of “simplicities”. and Mattel uses the cheapest fabric to make doll dresses, very often its the cheapest satin.

  2. Nicole said

    Will you be selling this on Ebay…?
    I like it ….

    • Nicole said

      what website is that …? On this website or some other one…?
      I would have bought this one… I wanted this one because I am planning on buying Mattels version and would have been nice to have your version & Mattels beside one another….

  3. Nicole said

    O.K. Please let me know if you do….
    Thank you…. 🙂

  4. I must say I love “Holiday Hostess Barbie 2012”. She looks absolutely divine. Makes me think of a time when women actually got dressed for the holidays! A special time deserves a special dress. Can’t wait for her to come out. ;D

  5. Colleen said

    She is only Ok, in my opinion. Is she really going to be holding a gigantic ornament? Why wouldn’t they give her an ornament that is to scale? So a big freeking bow and a big ball? Why is there an octopuss on the stairway banister? I’m sorry, but I am VERY disappointed!

    • dollsaga said

      Holiday Hostess will be released in Oct, 2012, no one has yet known how she looks like.
      my posting clearly stated the doll in the picture is Joan Holloway from Silkstone Mad Men collection, modeling a dress I made based on the sketch I received in Mattel’s eMail news letter. –in another word, this doll has nothing to do with Mattel’s up coming “Holiday Hostess”, I posted these pictures on Jan 22, 2010, almost a year apart from 2012 holiday season–Mattel didnt have a picture of the prototype to offer. Every visitor knew it, we were just having some fun of our own. . sorry for your misunderstanding.

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