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Rush of Rose Gold

Posted by helen on January 19, 2012

Barbie Collector Fan Club  is promiting its 2012 membership. Check it out:


I dont think I like “Rush of Rose Gold”  but it seems like  a popular dress:

since its a platinum barbie,  it doesnt matter how ugly the dress is, it sells.

11 Responses to “Rush of Rose Gold”

  1. dollsaga said

    it makes me wonder why they pick what they pick, I mean, it has tons of fabulous dresses out there, why Barbie favors this one?! beats me.

  2. dollsaga said

    this one looks better:

  3. Charmed_Playscale said

    I should be diplomatic and say that I will reserve judgement until I see the actual dress on the doll but I won’t! If the dress ended up looking anything like from the two celebs, especially the one on the right (not including SJP) photos, all I have to say is the “dress”, using that term lightly, looks like a Hefty garbage bag!

    You’re so right, with all the styles out there, why this one? I’m going to sound like a negative Nelly here but it is probably cheap for them to reproduce.

    The gold dress on SJP does look much better in color but still, a cheapy looking pattern to me. Of course I don’t sew, so maybe that is an unfair comment by me.

    • dollsaga said

      SJP’s dress is “Crisis of Crown Gold”, not ” Rush of Rose Gold”

      the “hefty Garbage bag” actually is the right term. lol but Jelo looks better than Rihanna

    • dollsaga said

      you are right, The trash-bag dress actually is really easy to sew. I have a laundry bag looks like this–I could take it apart and make a dress for my doll later.. the only concern is: will the black color stain my doll?

  4. dollsfan said

    Love those Lanvin dresses. They are beautiful and MODERN!
    Barbie is a fashion doll and surprisingly in recent years she was totally unfashionable – always wearing the same Marchesa-like commercial trash

  5. rnold said

    i like he first doll w hat…im not sure w the rose gold the 3rd green one look the same w ill blass barbie….only shorter skirt

  6. dollsaga said

  7. I am disappointed with the “Rush of Rose Gold” Barbie doll 2012…. She has been given the Platinum Label (?) and I have just come to expect so much more. The dress design is lovely, however, I just don’t really see anything special about it. So I hum and I haw and will wait yet another year to see a design that really says “WOW” to me …
    I think Sarah Jessica Parker looks absolutely amazing in her dress, the pattern and fabric are stunning. It was made for her. As for Rihanna and J-Lo, Um Oooops not so much. It looks like someone cut some holes in a trash bag and cinched it with a belt (?). You would think with all the celebrity stylists today that errors like this would not happen. Please girls, you are lovely just as you are, let’s not try so hard. And have a look in the mirror before you leave.

  8. Interesting said

    I am disappointed, too. I just saw it for the first time so I had to look and see if people were thinking the same thing I was…and they are! 😦

    • dollsaga said

      The doll looks better than the sketch. but many collectors commented that black shoes & gloves look harsh to go with the dress. I think I agree. not much gold but too much black coal.

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