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Lets talk about the Boys…

Posted by helen on December 29, 2011

what everyone thinks about Mattel’s male dolls? I am still waiting for the “perfect ken”,  he has never arrived… Ken was never a good seller like Barbie,  he had to split up with Barbie to  do some soul-searching in 2004,  what has made him so unpopular, I couldnt explain. 

When Ken dolls first joined the Barbie Basic Line, I  made statment     that I didnt like the look of No. 15.  A   year has gone by, my feelings  didnt change: I still dont like him! so, changes are on the way:

5 Responses to “Lets talk about the Boys…”

  1. Deborah said

    You’re repaint looks good! I think this one uses the same head sculpt as the 2010 Harley Davidson edition Ken (which I LOVE), but this version just did nothing for me. 😦 Honestly I like the look of the AA Basic Ken from that same line more than the other 2. I love the outfit you put together for this fella, it’s very stylish!

    • dollsaga said

      Thank you Deborah & Sandra! I think I like Harley Davidson, too, but he was a part of the giftset, kind expensive… but I did not like the Twilight Edward version

      I like Basic AA doll, he is very “manly”, and I like the blonde Ken as well –he is more like the boys I know, gentle and kind-hearted.

      I always have problems with Ken, either I dont like his rotating arms, or I dont like his neck .. or the doll has color variations, the colors of the doll head & its body dont match.. so, I dont really collect ken dolls… but if they go on sale, I couldnt help but buy them. lol

      • Deborah said

        I know what you mean about the HD giftset being kind of expensive..I paid nearly full price for my first set. I love that he is fully articulated! (but it was weird that his Barbie was not. 😦 She has a gorgeous face paint though) I bought a second set a few months ago when one of the online Barbie retailers was running an awesome sale so I got the pair for next to nothing. My second HD Ken is going to be customized to look like my husband! (well a Ken version of him anyways! lol)

      • dollsaga said

        a doll looks like your husband, that sounds wonderful! lol

  2. sandra said

    I like the original but I like your’s too! Very nice shirt!

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