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The “kim kardashian” Barbie

Posted by helen on December 18, 2011

I didnt believe Mattel would make a kadashian Barbie, as its up against the old good gold  rules Mattel has set for Barbie,  

but again,  rumors have it, the doll has already been  put into the production. she even has a new body sculpt. oh,  Great, I want to see it! if she is pretty enough & inexpensive, I would buy it!  

the scuccess of Tokidoki really has led Mattel a new way of thinking about Barbie. Critiques doesnt matter,  sales report is what matters.  Mattel has decided to let Barbie go wild.  Bad girls sell.

   I watched a TV interview nearly 10 years ago,  I found her story quite interesting,  I do think she has talent, which many people  disagree,   b/c of her family and her friend paris hilton, Kim knew a lot of celebrities before she became one herself.  she saw the opportunities and started out  helping celebrities to organize their closets,  sell their unwanted clothes to make profits…  see,   she was a “business” woman at the very begining,  … Miss Kardashian  has multiple  careers,  she owns her own companies &  products,  she  has created hundreds of Jobs for America,   she pays  Tax more than most of us do.   so why  people hate Kardashian so much, some even threatern Mattel they would never buy a Barbie again if Kardashian barbie doll  lauches the market?  I dont know.   perhaps these people  think she is successful without talents & hardworking, she became famous b/c of her XXX tapes—  its just not as  simply as you think.  


4 Responses to “The “kim kardashian” Barbie”

  1. People have threatened to never buy Barbies again if they release a Kim Kardashian Barbie? Yeah right! The hobby is to fun to cut cold turkey, lol.

    I’m so excited. Specially about the new mold [=

  2. sandra said

    I agree that M is going outside the box a little more lately but there are still a ton of celebrities that I would like to see immortalized as Barbies before the Kardashians. I wouldn’t rule out buying them if I like them.

    • dollsaga said

      Barbie has always loved & admired Kim Kardashian, she sent Kim happy Birthday wishes and praised her: “Happy birthday to one of the most glamorous dolls I know, @KimKardashian! …. I can’t wipe the smile off my face ..” yes, Barbie follows Kim Kardashian on twitter.

      I wondered what these 2 who have announced they would no longer buy any Barbie Dolls if Mattel releases Kim Kardashian doll, would do. these 2 ladies have been 2 of the most active members on BFC, they love to play smart and comment on every thread…. I got an impression their life depend on Barbie. if they quit BFC and stop buying Barbie, how empty their life would be? I am sure the loses are theirs not mattel’s or Barbie’s. lol

  3. rnold said

    i like the idea…at least new face mold….i would love to see kathy perry…madonna…..paris hilton……lindsay lohan….julia roberts…tyra banks…angelina….s new face of barbie…..its time barbie to get out of shell n be more agressive…..

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