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some rumors

Posted by helen on December 17, 2011

our “Barbie Day” hostess decided to postpone the date to Jan 7th,   so I dont have to rush out today,  lnsetad,  I m sitting here to  spread  some “rumors” about 2012 Barbie dolls:

1. Upcoming New Dolls of the world:   Chile, Holland, India, Mexico, USA (really?)

2. Silkstone: besides the Sneak Peek I posted before, there is a new one on a dealer’s site : party Dress, she looks like a Brunette “Tribute” to me.  Honestly, if  her price is over $85, I have no interests in buying. it is said there will be  in total of 5  silkstones in BFMC, plus a few non BFMC silkstones.

3. A new Shoe Designer will present a Barbie just like Louboutin did.  he is nicholas kirkwood

4. Bryon Lars has left the building, but Stephen Burrows will be the guest Designer for Barbie.

5. Pink Label: Royal Wedding  Prince William & Catherine Middleton —hope their marriage will last long enough for the dolls to release,  read more rumors: Prince married the wrong sisiter

6. Twilight: Edward and Bella’s Wedding

7. There will be a new Silstone Francie

8. A fantasy Mermaid (this is not a rumor, I have seen the official sneak picture), Although the designer said  its a new facemold, I think the face mold is same as the one from 2008 Fashion Fever

9. A classic Sci Fi themed Goddess  will come to keep the Goddess of the Galaxy

10. More celebrity dolls

 honestly,  what comes next isnt my concern, I only look at  the existing dolls in the current markets and decide what I would like to buy.   as I like   “Rejoice in the things that are present; all else is beyond thee”.


3 Responses to “some rumors”

  1. Lubo said

    Thank you for info. I have also read about Kardashians.:)

    • dollsaga said

      Kardashian doll is a controversial topic on BFC forum, not sure if she will be made. people think she is a bad role model, here is my Post on the BFC forum:

      I am shocked to know Mattel has such a thought, as its up against the good old & golden Principles Mattel has set for Barbie. but I wont protest against the idea.

      Speaking of Role Models, Kardashian can not be worse then Murderer & Blood Drinkers like Dracula and these ghosty Vampire dolls or medusa, who knows if the life style Sugar Daddy hid from public is worse than Kardashian’s—Bill Oreilly certainly has put Sugar Daddy & Kardashian on the same boat.

      if the doll looks pretty (yes, with closed mouth) and not expensive, I would buy it —I would rather buy a Kardashian doll than spend $150 on Dracula or any other Vampire dolls–are they better “role models”?

      I see Barbie is trying hard to free herself from the duty of being a role model, customers like me do not need a role model but pretty dolls, Millions of other customers do need & want Barbie to be a role Model, so Mattel must weight these factors when determining whether Barbie should continue her duty as a role model or she should go wild and pursue $$$ in this economy downtime.

      The sucess of tokidoki must have brought the Marketing Dept. a new way of thinking & marketing.

  2. Tawna said

    You actually believe those ridiculous rumors in the National Enquirer?!!? That paper is built on nothing more than lies and crap and people buy into it.

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