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my “tokidoki”

Posted by helen on December 9, 2011

I have made a few “tokidoki” dolls, the feebacks I received are really great. Here is the one I made last week, she went to a  collector who collects all Steffie dolls,  he thinks she is “Fantastic”. hope my blog visitors love her as well.  😀


8 Responses to “my “tokidoki””

  1. dollsaga said

    have you noticed? I love butterflies. I was nicknamed “butterfly” –that’s not b/c I was a very “social” person, its b/c I was a very laid-back kid. there was a story book “Ant & butterfly” in our house when I was little: the book teaches children about the value of hard work. Little Ant works really hard, butterfly doesnt like hard work, she flutters around and play all day long, When the winter comes, butterfly has no food and she dies in the cold wind. but little Ant has gathered enough food, so she survives.. snice I didnt like hard work, I was called Butterfly, but I was a pretty smart kid, I told my parents Butterfly & Ant had the same life span, they all die within 60 days. no such thing that little Ant worked harder. lol

  2. angelbarbie8 said

    I like her!!

  3. She is so beautiful! How in the world did you do those tattoos.Simply amazing

  4. Itzy said

    I like it!!

  5. Cindy said

    Wow how cool is that!!

  6. torimonet said

    I love that you created a new Toki Doki doll

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