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Lets talk about the Boys…

Posted by helen on December 29, 2011

what everyone thinks about Mattel’s male dolls? I am still waiting for the “perfect ken”,  he has never arrived… Ken was never a good seller like Barbie,  he had to split up with Barbie to  do some soul-searching in 2004,  what has made him so unpopular, I couldnt explain. 

When Ken dolls first joined the Barbie Basic Line, I  made statment     that I didnt like the look of No. 15.  A   year has gone by, my feelings  didnt change: I still dont like him! so, changes are on the way:

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waiting for Santa…

Posted by helen on December 24, 2011

where is Santa, my stocking is only a half full!

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Cards Again

Posted by helen on December 23, 2011

I am very pleased the last gift pack I sent out was “out for delivery” early this morning,  I hope my friend receive it before night falls.  Now, all the holiday madness has come to an end. I am pleased.

if you have not snail-mailed anyone cards or gifts, here again, I offer you free eCards:

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Merry Christmas from my Dolls to yours!

Posted by helen on December 23, 2011

My dolls are sending you warm greetings: wishing you all a wonderful Christmas. if you have been a good girl or boy,  you  certainly deserve a doll from Santa!

Mattel Designers said the next year will be “Steffie Lite”, but my Steffies are ready to  take the  leading role  in my 2012 dollie activities. 

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Barbie loves Dior: the 2012 Barbie Fan club doll

Posted by helen on December 21, 2011

next year’s club doll will be another silkstone  “Afternoon Suit”

  she is a “Christian-Dior-inspired” doll,

her outfits are selected  from Chritian Dior 2009 fall collection:

Top: doll wears a jacket  similar to this one, but in light pink or peach color. no beads and embroideries on sleeves.  

The skirt:   the skirt is a very simple pleated A-line skirt made of chiffon, similar to the skirt this model wears, but in Black.

(photo credit: Onsugar.com)

The hat & entire “hourglass” look  are like this:

(photo credit: Visulizeus.com)

The entire idea is what the designer calls   “Return to its roots”

 take a guess, will  this doll cost $99 or $150??

the  other 2 silkstones are no longer secrets,  photos  are everywhere

1. Party Dress,  its a super easy dress with brunette Tribute doll.  hope her cost is under $75.

2. walking Suit:  big head & big butterfly bow, like a folded dinner napkins. I  do not like this face & her grandma suit,

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The “kim kardashian” Barbie

Posted by helen on December 18, 2011

I didnt believe Mattel would make a kadashian Barbie, as its up against the old good gold  rules Mattel has set for Barbie,  

but again,  rumors have it, the doll has already been  put into the production. she even has a new body sculpt. oh,  Great, I want to see it! if she is pretty enough & inexpensive, I would buy it!  

the scuccess of Tokidoki really has led Mattel a new way of thinking about Barbie. Critiques doesnt matter,  sales report is what matters.  Mattel has decided to let Barbie go wild.  Bad girls sell.

   I watched a TV interview nearly 10 years ago,  I found her story quite interesting,  I do think she has talent, which many people  disagree,   b/c of her family and her friend paris hilton, Kim knew a lot of celebrities before she became one herself.  she saw the opportunities and started out  helping celebrities to organize their closets,  sell their unwanted clothes to make profits…  see,   she was a “business” woman at the very begining,  … Miss Kardashian  has multiple  careers,  she owns her own companies &  products,  she  has created hundreds of Jobs for America,   she pays  Tax more than most of us do.   so why  people hate Kardashian so much, some even threatern Mattel they would never buy a Barbie again if Kardashian barbie doll  lauches the market?  I dont know.   perhaps these people  think she is successful without talents & hardworking, she became famous b/c of her XXX tapes—  its just not as  simply as you think.  

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some rumors

Posted by helen on December 17, 2011

our “Barbie Day” hostess decided to postpone the date to Jan 7th,   so I dont have to rush out today,  lnsetad,  I m sitting here to  spread  some “rumors” about 2012 Barbie dolls:

1. Upcoming New Dolls of the world:   Chile, Holland, India, Mexico, USA (really?)

2. Silkstone: besides the Sneak Peek I posted before, there is a new one on a dealer’s site : party Dress, she looks like a Brunette “Tribute” to me.  Honestly, if  her price is over $85, I have no interests in buying. it is said there will be  in total of 5  silkstones in BFMC, plus a few non BFMC silkstones.

3. A new Shoe Designer will present a Barbie just like Louboutin did.  he is nicholas kirkwood

4. Bryon Lars has left the building, but Stephen Burrows will be the guest Designer for Barbie.

5. Pink Label: Royal Wedding  Prince William & Catherine Middleton —hope their marriage will last long enough for the dolls to release,  read more rumors: Prince married the wrong sisiter

6. Twilight: Edward and Bella’s Wedding

7. There will be a new Silstone Francie

8. A fantasy Mermaid (this is not a rumor, I have seen the official sneak picture), Although the designer said  its a new facemold, I think the face mold is same as the one from 2008 Fashion Fever

9. A classic Sci Fi themed Goddess  will come to keep the Goddess of the Galaxy

10. More celebrity dolls

 honestly,  what comes next isnt my concern, I only look at  the existing dolls in the current markets and decide what I would like to buy.   as I like   “Rejoice in the things that are present; all else is beyond thee”.

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Poinsettia Pretty is Ready for the day

Posted by helen on December 16, 2011

Update:  Just got a notice from our hostess, our Barbie day will be put off to Jan 7th.  No trip to Trmp Tower or Rockefeller Center tomorrow. I can have a lazy Saturday.

our “Barbie Day” meeting point has been changed to:  Trump Grill 725 Fifth Avenue, NYC  (between 56th and 57th Streets).  Time Remain the same:  at NOON ( 12:00PM)

its a  32 min subway ride for me.

as always, I dont do a thing until last minute.  I just have the swap doll ready,  need to box her up.  she is titled “Poinsettia Pretty”.

I have no time to make a dress for my travel doll as planned. but that’s okay, I’ll just take my blue haired tokidoki with me, she is clean, not tattooed,  so the old ladies in Trump Grill wont stare at me.

 have a sneak peek  on “poinsettia pretty”, how bright the colors are:  Red,  Green & Gold!

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Nancy, the Fancier

Posted by helen on December 14, 2011

I really should work on my “Barbie Day” preparations. as it’s on this Saturday. but I could not focus. it seems like a lot to do. Instead, I finished this dress for my Fancy Nancy:

Look at her Chubby fingers and arms!!!

Its nice to have a little girl in the house for Christmas!

I also take interests in the BFC Ink doll,  almost bought a couple of them from Marshall’s. but I decided to wait until next Feb.  when my place is cleaner and I have space for larger dolls. I wont start a collections,  just one or two for fun.  Dolls like Nancy makes me smile when I feel down–like today, a letter from our Apartment Management Office certainly ruined my mood,  “oil & gas  prices have gone up, real estate tax  has gone up… ” blah blah….  so you know what  happens to the poor tenants next…

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colorful hair..

Posted by helen on December 11, 2011

Pastel colored hair, no one else on the earth has the dol with the same colored hair, lol


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