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Barbie in the neighborhood stores

Posted by helen on November 29, 2011

many of my neighborhood stores carry Barbie dolls only during Christmas Season. I was strolling in the stores this afternoon  and came back home with 4 dolls, of course I have already had these dolls, but their prices were so low, I knew I would regret later  if I didnt get them.

I paid $25 for the  Stardoll at TRU last week,  now she is $10 less.  And these basic dolls, I paid $19.99-$23.99 when the first came out, now their prices  are between $9.99  to $12.99.
“My favortie Ken” was $19.99 at TJMaxx, I didnt buy him. now he is gone. I kind regretted I didnt get him.
I should  find time to visit  “Amazing Savings” & “National Wholesale Liquidators”, these 2 stores always have great Barbie dolls during holiday seasons.


10 Responses to “Barbie in the neighborhood stores”

  1. sandra said

    You got some great deals! I’ve been overspending as usual!

    • dollsaga said

      Sandra, ebay offers 1000 free listing today, perhaps you can cash in your extra dolls. lol! I, too, also overspent, so I put up my Christmas scarf collections for sale. but only sold 3 so far, it still helps. 😀

  2. rnold said

    i havent seen stardoll at my tru yet….but im looking forward to see them….

  3. rnold said

    is it model muse body?

  4. Doru said

    wow that’s a great deal! I love the low prices of dolls around sesons. 😀 THe forth doll was 1959 repro? cause she is in the picture but you diden’t mention her. If not who is the 4th doll?

    • dollsaga said

      yes, she is the 1959 repro. I got 3 of her. her box is big, so I deboxed her, no space for her bulky box! lol the doll is lovely, but she doesnt have a full head of hair, hair is rooted around the hairline.

      • Doru said

        I belive they did that cause the original barbie doll diden’t have a full head of hair. On the 35th anniversary repro of the original Barbie has a full head of hair. With a full head of hair the ponytail would be a lot bigger

  5. Cindy said

    Wow what great deals!

    I have been out of the Barbie loop for quite a few years and totally missed out on all of the Barbie Basic Dolls!
    I think they are going to have another set coming out and I’m hoping to get a couple of them. I really love the ones with the Leah Face Mold!

    Last weekend at an antique show I purchased a lovely vintage Orange Blossom Outfit (No Shoes) and a NIB Barbie 35th Anniversary Reproduction Giftset with the outfits! I love that set!!

    • dollsaga said

      oh, the repro giftset is very nice. I have many of the 35th Anniversary dolls (once won an eBay auction for a lot of 6, lol, also bought a couple of them from TJMaxx) but I never bought that Giftset, its kind expensive on eBay.

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