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Barbie: “dancing with the stars”

Posted by helen on November 29, 2011

After FAO put the prototypes on sale for $1,500 each, now All of the dancing dolls have hit the market.

I am not buying any.

The pink dress is made of cheap mesh,  worse than Fashionista, but the  price is tripled (she is $36.99 at my TRU),  not reasonable.

this face is right from the “Fashionista”:

8 Responses to “Barbie: “dancing with the stars””

  1. Thanks for sharing them Helen! Been wondering what these girls look like! Not that bad really, but if the quality is little better than playlines than I guess I will stay away from them. I am completely disappointed with the Waltz. She is the one I like best, but the real deal looks so tacky. Her hair is so yellow it looks like chicken fat, LOL! But I was pleasantly surprised with the Samba. Her face paint is lovely, and the colors on her exquisite! o much better than the promo images. If I would get any of them, it would be her…=)

    • dollsaga said

      my pictures are crappy, the Waltz doll looks better in person. PasoDoble’s face is not as pretty as prototype. the quality of Samba’s costumes is better than Waltz, sorry, i cant get over with this Mesh thing. lol –Okay, perhaps they dont call it Mesh but “tricot knit”

  2. Doru said

    Wow great pics. I don’t like this line. And the waltz barbie I personally think she should be a playline, the dress is horrible. Exept for the new DOTW I’m not that exited for 2012 Barbie. Oh well that means I will buy older dolls, I still have some caching up to do on my wish list 😀

    • dollsaga said

      if they could use better fabric, the waltz doll would be fine. a doll dress doesnt cost much fabric, why didnt they use better chffion or organza? labor cost is the main cost of a doll dress, fabric isnt expensive at all.

      • Doru said

        Tell that to Mattel. I know the economy is though but making bad quality dolls is not the answer. If you compare a recent collector doll with one from maybe the begining of the 2000 the older one is much more qulity. I hate Mattel cheap out on their dolls 😦

  3. Lalys said

    I consider that jewels in plastic are a horrible idea! 😦 this line could be brighter but… yes, they seems playline dolls and very cheap for being a collector kind 😦

  4. rnold said

    i thought the red dress and the pink dress are great to buy……they all look playline to me…….too far better than my other barbie previous purchace,,,,,in waltz it looks nice pink chiffon on the picture….but eww on your photo…..its terrible……

  5. Couldn’t care less about their faces or outfits! If they’re 29.99, then I’ll get some to rebody, as pathetic as that sounds. Now the Samba one is awful. She looks like a Piñata. A cute piñata though.

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