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The new look of Nighty Brights Francie

Posted by helen on November 10, 2011

It seems everyone who purchased the nighty Brights Francie likes her, but the more I looked at her eyes, the more I disliked her. I guess I wouldnt have a rest tonight if I didnt give her a new makeover

8 Responses to “The new look of Nighty Brights Francie”

  1. dollsaga said

    Her body is smaller than Barbie, her feet dont look so big, but neither silkstone doll’s nor regular Barbie’s shoes fit her. I have got no shoes for her.

  2. Tiffany said

    Now, THIS is how she SHOULD have been produced! Really a great makeover…I would have ordered her if she looked like this! Regarding shoes for her, have you tried the flat, Skipper ballet-splipper-style shoes? Also, maybe shoes from the Generation Girls line, with small, low-arched feet, might fit? Good luck, and again, you’ve done a wonderful job on this Francie!

  3. sandra said

    You have transformed her Helen. Really cute!!!

    • dollsaga said

      yep, I changed her! I watched a few eBay auctions, a couple of them ended up really low, I almost bidded on one of them, but I didnt. one ended up at $81, the other $85. lower than BC price. so I can always buy another one if some day I feel like her original package.

  4. Cindy said

    You are so brave to change her face paint! (But then again I can’t paint at all so would never try it LOL!)
    She looks so much more vintage to me now and I love her big brown eyes and fuller lips!
    Yours Francie is Beautiful! Great Job!

  5. Gail Gary said

    Your “after” is so much better than the “before”. Congratulations! I recognize Francie again! Somehow the starry eyelashes and exaggerated bee-stung lips are just too foreign to that otherwise pretty face…you gotta wonder who styled this doll’s face at Mattel? It’s a caricature of the original, rather than a repro! I’m happy if the repros somehow improve on the original, but this isn’t one of those cases…thanks for doing the work Mattel didn’t.

  6. Gail Gary said

    I know this is three years ago now, but I still had to comment, in case someone else stopped here and read the query on Francie shoes.

    My problem was the opposite: I had a low-arched Generation Girl Mari, purchased undressed and unboxed. No shoes! So, I just tried some vintage Francie squishy short boots on her, and they fit her just fine. So I would think if you happened to get GG shoes, Francie could wear them. (Note that vintage Skipper shoes would most likely be too narrow, too short, and too rigid—they would split at the instep if you tried to force them on. I remember what happened to Skipper’s shoes back when I experimented with them back in the late 1960s!) However, the actual vintage Francie shoes, especially the rubbery ones, would probably give you a nicer selection of shoes than GG; I haven’t found much available in this line so far, just those ugly chunky sneakery things. (I have always hated sneakers and track shoes, so I wouldn’t put them on a doll!)

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