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cross eyed Francie??

Posted by helen on November 6, 2011

Just saw this picture on eBay, Nighty Brights Francie

(Photo Credit: barbiehobby)

she is not as adorable as she should be…


Also see a photo on BFC (Photo Credit:  busterbluesun )

She is cross-eyed,  the lashes are strange.

I dont think  I like her look!!  –but I already ordered her, she will arrive  7 days later.


6 Responses to “cross eyed Francie??”

  1. dollsaga said

    perhaps that’s the end of Silkstone Franice. I dont think they are best sellers…
    when silkstone Francie “check please” showed up at ToyFair, it did not say its dealer exclusive, my understanding was this doll didnt get enough orders at toy fair, so she could not be produced on large quantity base, therefore, she became “Dealer Exclusive”, but she isnt moving fast, some dealers put her on sale for $69,

    so, this “Nighty Brights” became club Exclusive…

    I am having a feeling that I wont like next year’s Silkstone lines based on the sneaks at the convention. the Designer certainly isnt inspired.

  2. Sandra said

    Oh no! I had high hopes for her!

  3. Oh Helen, surely you must have such high standards! It’s almost impossible to please you! To me, the doll is just fine. I won’t get her for sure, since I don’t collect Francies, but if I happen to, this would make me quite happy. Btw. where’s the cross eyes? Been scrutinizing those eyes for over half an hour and there’s nothing out of the ordinary there…

    • dollsaga said

      my standards are just good enough to match up her price point… setting standards for the factories to follow once was my job, I am pretty reasonable, know what the factory can do, what they can not do. oh, if I am picky on her outfits, she is not going to survive, so I hide my standards in my drawers….

      this Francie is crossed eyed .. and these strange lashes bothers me, too…. some people are talking about removing Lashes–but its not going to work, if you remove these lashes, you will see the little holes/ hair plugs …

      I am not liking her look, so I will change her look until she statisfies me… poor Francie, my scissors are waiting for her arrival…

      • I see…I guess some will be less circumspect and will like the doll pretty well….and I saw pictures of the doll’s accessories, there’s something like a pair of lashes. Perhaps you can take off the ones she’s wearing and put the other on..maybe she would look nicer…

      • dollsaga said

        no, you can not take off her eyelashes, they are rooted —the same way as her hair.

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