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Fancy Nancy –the Fabulous Fashionista

Posted by helen on November 30, 2011

Call me crazy! When I saw this Redhead Fancy Nancy, she reminded me of  a boy doll I recieved on one of my birthdays, a dear friend purchased this 18″ boy doll  in Shanghai,  he was a redhead &  wore cowboy outfits and cowboy hat, he had freckles on his face,  he was very very cute, but I wasn’t into dolls at that time, I had no idea what doll he was, my friend purchased him loose, most likely, he was a leftover after a Chiniese factory fulfilled its contract then dumped the extra dolls in the local market,  (same thing happens to  Barbie dolls, you can always find loose Barbie dolls in Chinese market with different outfits or hair styles).  My friend named the little boy doll “Tommy”, she later bought me a girl doll to keep him company, the girl doll had blond hair,   she had a  lovely but funny face, so my friend named her “Ugly Nini”.  I had no idea who the girl doll was, either.  both Tommy & Nini  were lost when I relocated. but I miss my friend sooo much, I havent seen her for years, when I saw this Little redhead Fancy Nancy, I thought of my friend,  and I cried… I brought this little girl home to comfort myself,  I soaked myself in the old memories…


Now, I Need to make her some new outfits for Christmas…

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Barbie: “dancing with the stars”

Posted by helen on November 29, 2011

After FAO put the prototypes on sale for $1,500 each, now All of the dancing dolls have hit the market.

I am not buying any.

The pink dress is made of cheap mesh,  worse than Fashionista, but the  price is tripled (she is $36.99 at my TRU),  not reasonable.

this face is right from the “Fashionista”:

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Barbie in the neighborhood stores

Posted by helen on November 29, 2011

many of my neighborhood stores carry Barbie dolls only during Christmas Season. I was strolling in the stores this afternoon  and came back home with 4 dolls, of course I have already had these dolls, but their prices were so low, I knew I would regret later  if I didnt get them.

I paid $25 for the  Stardoll at TRU last week,  now she is $10 less.  And these basic dolls, I paid $19.99-$23.99 when the first came out, now their prices  are between $9.99  to $12.99.
“My favortie Ken” was $19.99 at TJMaxx, I didnt buy him. now he is gone. I kind regretted I didnt get him.
I should  find time to visit  “Amazing Savings” & “National Wholesale Liquidators”, these 2 stores always have great Barbie dolls during holiday seasons.

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A Day For Barbie

Posted by helen on November 25, 2011

Newest Updates:  Sorry,  Date Changed to Jan 7th.


Our next “Barbie Day” is set on Dec. 17th. 2011,

Meeting Point:  Statue of Atlas    12PM (noon)
                               630 Fifth Avenue  NYC
                              Main Entrance Frontcourt to Rockefeller Plaza
                               Subway E, F, to 5th AVE & 53rd St or F to 47-50 Rockefeller Center

Lunch:   Trump Grill at 1:00 pm

Gift Exchange: $30 limits

Theme: Winter Holidays

I think my travel doll theme would be “Winter Whisper“, my gift swap theme would be “Poinsettia Pretty” or “Holiday Hearts” (does “Holiday Hospitality” sound better?) 

If you live nearby, you are welcome to join the fun. Holidays in NYC are so beautiful. 

if you are new to “Barbie Day”,   here is a brief:

What is “Barbie Day”? –it’s a local Barbie doll collectors’ get-together. 

What We do on “Barbie Day”? 

1. Showing your  Travel Dolls:  Travel doll is the doll that keeps you company & participates the Barbie Day Events with you. each Barbie day has a particular theme, both you & your doll are suggested to  dress up for the theme . here is a group of travel dolls dressed up for “50th Golden Anniversary” Barbie Day    As you can see, all the dolls are dressed up in GOLD.

2.  Swapping Gifts: gift-swap is voluntary.  if you bring a doll for exchange, then you get a doll as return. if you dont bring one, you simply dont get one.  Here is an example of the Doll I made for swap,  the theme is same as above “50th Golden Anniversary”,  the doll is dressed up in gold.  gift Swap is fun, I always participate. you make someone happy and you get surprises as well.

3. Lunching together: Sorry, no free lunch in NYC,  you pay for your own lunch,  depending on where we eat and what you order, the average cost is from $20 to $35.   pleasant dollie-conversations during lunch time always bring you inspirations…

I love to see everyone’s travel dolls. some collectors bring exotic dolls with them—the dolls you dont often have chances to see in your local stores,   like Chataine, City Smart, etc.  you always learn something new from other collectors.

Just in Case you forgot my Travel doll, her name is  “Eleven”, she has traveled to many places with me,  here she is (on the right), with her fellow travel dolls,  on  “Barbie Loves Art” Barbie Day (Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC), she is dressed up in  Monet WaterColors:

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a little dress for Francie

Posted by helen on November 25, 2011

little dress for Francie:

Barbie Gets one, to:

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by helen on November 24, 2011

Barbie & I wish all of you a very happy thanksgiving and a wonderful Holiday Season ahead!

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another Barbie doll sales…

Posted by helen on November 22, 2011

check this out, happy Dolli-day sale , starts tomorrow (actually starts tonight at midnight central)

 you will get up to 35% off .   I wont buy anything unless they mistakenly put the Nighty Brights Francie for sale like they did to the Halloween Huant during last dream sales.  seriously, they always make mistakes –only human, right??  and watch out the “comback items” –yep, these people mess up inventory all the time, the Tokidoki doll may come back to surprise you . 


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a new star

Posted by helen on November 22, 2011

I came back from TRU with one Stardoll:



a new hairdo

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DOW Miss China in TRU

Posted by helen on November 22, 2011

I didnt have my camera with me today,  so I didnt take photos inside  my TRU store today.

the new Chinese Doll is the only  new DOW in my local TRU,  she is $36.99 (BC online is $29.95).

the first one I picked freaked me out, ,  she doesnt even look like a Mattel doll, her face was deformed,  like someone hit her from the right side of her head, her face was smashed…  so I picked another, wow, the one has bold & thick eyebrows, its kind of scary that a girl has such eyebrows.  I moved on to anohter, this one has very normal eyebrows,  but there is a big white dot ( white paint) in her  right eye,   covered the iris, so she is blind, I guess?

I have visited some packaging factories—factories make  shampoo bottles, plastic boxes… the way they print product descriptions these platice bottles look pretty easy, but I  the never had chance to see how doll facial screening is done in the factory,  so I dont understand why these dolls look so different from each other? they are all “ONE OF A KIND”  

I am just glad i didnt order her online… this doll, you have to hand pick it from the store shelfs…

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the simplicity

Posted by helen on November 21, 2011

Here is one of the few dolls I purchased this months, she is 40th Anniversary Barbie.   the reason I bought her  is simple: her price was low–a great deal I could  not pass.   besides,  I like her dress.

 Mattel has  really talented pattern makers. they make very SIMPLE patterns but can still achieve the high-end brand name look . Simple patterns make these Sewers life easy, It’s a great way to save labor cost.

the pattern of this dress is really simple, but the dress fits Barbie perfectly and she looks very elegant:

Perhaps I will make one in Green & Red –for Christmas…

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