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Dancing with the stars Barbie $4,999 each

Posted by helen on October 24, 2011

Check this out, FAO is selling Protos:  “Dancing with the Stars” Barbie dolls,  $4,999 each. surprise

(Updates on Oct. 25th : only one  day after my post, these doll prices dropped from $4,999 to $1,500. if you wait a few more days, the price soon will be $500.  I also posted a new link that  the dolls will be available for sale  in the mass market for $29.95,  http://cs.barbiecollector.com/shop/doll/dancing-stars-samba-barbie-doll-w3317http://cs.barbiecollector.com/shop/doll/dancing-stars-waltz-barbie-doll-w3318http://cs.barbiecollector.com/shop/doll/dancing-stars-paso-doble-barbie-doll-w3319  )

1. Samba   $4,999 http://www.fao.com/product/index.jsp?productId=12293446

2. Doble Paso   $4,999  http://www.fao.com/product/index.jsp?productId=12293445

3. Waltz  $4,999   http://www.fao.com/product/index.jsp?productId=12293444

I hardly watch “Dancing with the stars”,  if you find there are costumes really tasteful and pretty, make me suggestions, I’ll probably make one.  I dont think anyone will pay me $4,999. how about $499? 


12 Responses to “Dancing with the stars Barbie $4,999 each”

  1. dollsaga said

    may I say the first one looks just like these big-feet Beach Fun Barbies, they are still available in stores for $4.99 each??????

  2. what about these dolls makes them worth $5,000? seriously. i’m not a hater, i’m curious lol

  3. even $499 is too much. 49.99 sounds much more reasonable!

  4. wait, wait. i just saw they are prototypes! makes sense now sorry phew. i’m slow today.

    • dollsaga said

      even they are Protos, so what? it still has to match its values.

      I have handled all sorts of protos(non-dolls). never thought b/c they were protos, they should be worth more. but I did sell 2 proto wind-up clocks with moving images on the dials on eBay, the buyer was sooo super excited. he thought it was ” best deal of the year” –that’s how I learned some people are crazy about protos. the buyer wrote me tons of messages asking all the details about how these clocks were made, I told him the final productions came with plastic cases, as the buyers wanted to lower the cost, only these 2 protos were all-metal, one in siliver case, one copper case… the buyer told me he saw the plastic-cased clocks in the market… he recorded everything I told him…. I wondered how much these 2 clocks are worth now. lperhaps I sold treasure as trash lol… as no one is making such windup clocks with pecking hens anymore… collecting is such a funny thing… I met a windup clock collector, this guy told me his “morning exercises” is winding up his 300 windup clcoks. lol

  5. dollsaga said

    Sad news for Mattel: even these dolls are $29.95 each, I still dont want them.

  6. I personally would not pay so much money for a prototype, but that’s just me! I think 30 is a fair price, but I do not like the design of these dolls at all. The first one makes me giggle (hopefully she’ll be pivotal in the mass production, as stated in the description at BC); all in all, I will most likely get them, but just for their bodies.

  7. rnold said

    i like the 2nd and the 3rd dress……”if they can dance alone like humans”…….i ll buy them at $5000 USD….lol

  8. dollsaga said

    wrong place to sell them, put them up on eBay for auction, one of the riches out there will buy.

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