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Tokidoki –temporarily out of stock

Posted by helen on October 20, 2011

when Barbie collector online shop lowered its  Tokidoki doll’s price from planned $79 to $50 and offered $1.00 shipping .  many club members  just received their 4th quarter reward for $20,   so that made this doll’s price even better:  $31.  

 the doll has a tattooed body,  which makes these people who have no parenting skills & no knowledge about  Barbie collecting  feel the great need to attack this doll,   Media  always loves this sort of Story:  Barbie’s ” bad girl image” poisons our precious next generation, soon every little girl will want a Tattoo just like this doll…

 all these noises  only helped to boost sales, some collectors are afraid this doll will be pulled off from the store  shelf,s so they bought their “Xmas Presents” faster than ever. some people who have never heard of this dol before news media started attacking her now want her!

Based on the above facts, its not a surprise the first shipment sold out, the next shipment wont be here 3 weeks later.  eBay sellers took great opportunities and increased her price to as high as $499.  plus $14.50 shipping.  http://www.ebay.com/itm/180741947478 

Dont  panic,  she will be available again.  you can wait, if you do have $499 extra money & you don’t  know how to spend, I’d say  why not donating $340 to children’s hospital, and saving the  the remaining $$  to buy yourself a tokidoki doll on BarbieCollector.com next month.

Updated on Oct. 21: BC Announced they have now  sold out the inventory , backorders will be shipped on Nov. 17th.

tokidoki for helle kitty


4 Responses to “Tokidoki –temporarily out of stock”

  1. rnold said

    im a collector too but not eager to buy toki doki….i already got the goldie hawn w tatoos… what’s the point of getting another one wc looks the same as the goldie hawn…and i already 5 steffie face sculpt dolls….if that would would be diff sculpt….well thats another story

    • dollsaga said

      you can live without any dolls, I will not buy this doll for more than $40, but if someone wants her at $400, I’d be happy to sell her off. lol
      honestly, $400 can buy many nicer & more tasteful dolls. BC web site said she is backordered until Nov. 17. perhaps I should call my local tokidoki store to see if they still have her—ooops, the store has run out of business. lol I am not surprised it couldn’t stand the test of NYC market. but I didnt expect it had such a short lifespan, it didnt even have a chance to celebrate its 2nd anniversary. go figure.

      • rnold said

        bec toki doki fashion are for youngters and i find their fashion very slutty……and tattos doesnt appeal to everyone….so toki doki are out…

      • dollsaga said

        good for Mattel & tokidoki –now more ppl know tokidoki, if it ever comes back to NYC again, maybe it will have a chance to survive. lol I cant believe they closed their soho store so fast, just a little over 1 year, the tiny store dissapered in the thin air…

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