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lets vote again–PMS219

Posted by helen on October 18, 2011

The Point is:  if   more people said NO than yes, you can expect to find the doll on clearance shelfs at lower  price…

another question is, will you pay $75 for this doll?  (UPDATES: Just got the news, she is $45 to $49.  if this info is wrong,  please don’t blame me –and she is not FAO exclusive. )

I coudnt believe this doll is a “Gold Label”, I thought she is a playline doll that  teaches kids about Pantone color system…  but then, I noticed only one  pantone color code # 219C  is used—I guess Mattel calls it “Barbie Pink”…. Wouldnt it be better if  at least 24  pink shades are used to make that dress? like dip-dye?  that would be more educational, too –you learn more Pantone Codes. lol  … but anyhow, I dont need to look  at a doll for Pantone codes, its easier just use my swatch booklets or look it up in Photoshop.

another design I dont really understand and will not buy, I dont see Inspirations here –gold label, how much is she? another $75? 



14 Responses to “lets vote again–PMS219”

  1. dollsaga said

    the dress looks like one of these Fashionista packs ($5.95 each) from a couple of years ago.

  2. dollsaga said

    I just noticed wordpress now starts putting ADs on blogs. Annoying.
    but I dont see these Ads if I am logged in as an Admin. only visitors see the Ads.

  3. dollsaga said

    it reminds me of the toilet paper dress, but the toilet paper dress sure is more imaginative.

  4. I was speechless. The only nice thing about this doll are her bracelets and shoes…

  5. This is an atrocity! Surprised to learn this one is from the designer of the Medusa and the Aphrodite! I guess they do make some false steps once in a while…the second worst Barbie dress design after the horrible night called Fenella Layla. So sad, the doll herself is kinda pretty. The shoes are fabulous!

  6. i thought the same thing, why wouldn’t she have more colors? i thought it was a tacky dress, love her face and heels though, but this is a total miss.

  7. sasha said

    when I 1st saw it I didnt know what to think
    the idea is not that bad
    But the execution yes!!
    I kinda like the skirt but the top cut is so unatractive
    this could have been great
    Ill get her only for the FABULOUS!!! Shoes & bracelets
    What face mold is this?

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