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Higher Barbie Prices are expected

Posted by helen on October 12, 2011

US congress just passed a bill to raise Import Duties on China-made goods. so, you can expect Barbie Prices to go up again. I m sure Mattel will have more dolls made in Indonesia, but it wont lower the price,

 US politicians blame China for manipulating  its currency & making US workers lose their jobs–its American culture– blaming others. China’s currency system has been working for China for more than 50 years.   US congress should have passed that  Bill  50 years ago.  I hope the new bill does help US boost its economy, but I know I will buy much less Dolls.

US should compete with China in Modern Technologies, not what is sold in 99 cents stores.  whenever I see donald trump &  other congressmen  go on Fox News to bash China,  I feel sorry for US.


6 Responses to “Higher Barbie Prices are expected”

  1. Sandra said

    Higher prices and lower quality! Oh no!

    • dollsaga said

      unfortunately, its inevitable! besides dolls, the price of every household item will go up as well

      • rnold said

        that would be a nghtmare…why cant US lawmakers accept that china is getting bigger in terms of economy and influence….its not always US and some countries in europe that is always influencial to world economy……..hump….just because china is in asia….racist….pls donald trump…….ewwwwwww

      • dollsaga said

        It amuses me whenever I hear Donald Trump says China is US’s biggest Enemy, lol
        China now really focuses on building its economy, while US is still seeking for enemies, hating tea-party, fighting Terrorists… suing Obama’s health care.. etc. just wasting time and energy. US’s enemy is US itself.

  2. rnold said

    well this will be a clear picture of US downfall……sad for other americans who are better minded and doesnt hit other people’s log….

    • dollsaga said

      when I was little, I often heard Chinese leaders say US & Russia were China’s biggest enemies, but now they don’t use word “Enemy” anymore, the new phrases are “mutual respect, mutual benefit” “cooperative partnership”. I guess when a country becomes strong, its not afraid of “enemy”, they dont have to treat everyone like enemy.

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