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Happy Halloween

Posted by helen on October 31, 2011

we had a snow storm this weekend, many lost electric power. the weater is really cold,  hope it wont stop kids from  trick-or-treating.  I need to have the treats ready before they come to knock at my door. each year I gave them something pretty fancy, this year, nothing fancy…  I actually think I should not be here to treat them, I should make myself over, put some costumes on and go out to get some candy & sweets  from neighbors…


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A little White Dress

Posted by helen on October 28, 2011

The Martina Mcbride doll  wears a pretty white dress, I purchased 2 when KBtoys had “buy one get one free” deal, but I didnt like the doll face that much. back then,  I didnt know I could  split the pacage, keep the dress and sell the doll on eBay, so I sold both of them NRFB–that was years ago.

I bought the dress back last weekend, it looks still like a new dress, but its from a smoker’s home, the smoke smell is unpleasant.  here is what I did:

1. mix white vinegar with water, and soak the dress in it for a few hours

2. rinse & air dry

3. put dress on a radiator (my places is already in winter, the heat is on!) “bake” it for a few hours

4. smell free,  ready to wear:

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halloween challenge

Posted by helen on October 28, 2011

last years challenge was Barbie as Mistress of Dark, This year is a bloody countess.

they are really not my type of dolls… doll was sent back to her owner as soon as I finished. I like sunny happy girls.


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Dancing with the stars Barbie $4,999 each

Posted by helen on October 24, 2011

Check this out, FAO is selling Protos:  “Dancing with the Stars” Barbie dolls,  $4,999 each. surprise

(Updates on Oct. 25th : only one  day after my post, these doll prices dropped from $4,999 to $1,500. if you wait a few more days, the price soon will be $500.  I also posted a new link that  the dolls will be available for sale  in the mass market for $29.95,  http://cs.barbiecollector.com/shop/doll/dancing-stars-samba-barbie-doll-w3317http://cs.barbiecollector.com/shop/doll/dancing-stars-waltz-barbie-doll-w3318http://cs.barbiecollector.com/shop/doll/dancing-stars-paso-doble-barbie-doll-w3319  )

1. Samba   $4,999 http://www.fao.com/product/index.jsp?productId=12293446

2. Doble Paso   $4,999  http://www.fao.com/product/index.jsp?productId=12293445

3. Waltz  $4,999   http://www.fao.com/product/index.jsp?productId=12293444

I hardly watch “Dancing with the stars”,  if you find there are costumes really tasteful and pretty, make me suggestions, I’ll probably make one.  I dont think anyone will pay me $4,999. how about $499? 

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Tokidoki –temporarily out of stock

Posted by helen on October 20, 2011

when Barbie collector online shop lowered its  Tokidoki doll’s price from planned $79 to $50 and offered $1.00 shipping .  many club members  just received their 4th quarter reward for $20,   so that made this doll’s price even better:  $31.  

 the doll has a tattooed body,  which makes these people who have no parenting skills & no knowledge about  Barbie collecting  feel the great need to attack this doll,   Media  always loves this sort of Story:  Barbie’s ” bad girl image” poisons our precious next generation, soon every little girl will want a Tattoo just like this doll…

 all these noises  only helped to boost sales, some collectors are afraid this doll will be pulled off from the store  shelf,s so they bought their “Xmas Presents” faster than ever. some people who have never heard of this dol before news media started attacking her now want her!

Based on the above facts, its not a surprise the first shipment sold out, the next shipment wont be here 3 weeks later.  eBay sellers took great opportunities and increased her price to as high as $499.  plus $14.50 shipping.  http://www.ebay.com/itm/180741947478 

Dont  panic,  she will be available again.  you can wait, if you do have $499 extra money & you don’t  know how to spend, I’d say  why not donating $340 to children’s hospital, and saving the  the remaining $$  to buy yourself a tokidoki doll on BarbieCollector.com next month.

Updated on Oct. 21: BC Announced they have now  sold out the inventory , backorders will be shipped on Nov. 17th.

tokidoki for helle kitty

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lets vote again–PMS219

Posted by helen on October 18, 2011

The Point is:  if   more people said NO than yes, you can expect to find the doll on clearance shelfs at lower  price…

another question is, will you pay $75 for this doll?  (UPDATES: Just got the news, she is $45 to $49.  if this info is wrong,  please don’t blame me –and she is not FAO exclusive. )

I coudnt believe this doll is a “Gold Label”, I thought she is a playline doll that  teaches kids about Pantone color system…  but then, I noticed only one  pantone color code # 219C  is used—I guess Mattel calls it “Barbie Pink”…. Wouldnt it be better if  at least 24  pink shades are used to make that dress? like dip-dye?  that would be more educational, too –you learn more Pantone Codes. lol  … but anyhow, I dont need to look  at a doll for Pantone codes, its easier just use my swatch booklets or look it up in Photoshop.

another design I dont really understand and will not buy, I dont see Inspirations here –gold label, how much is she? another $75? 


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gone shopping…

Posted by helen on October 16, 2011

I spent entire day shopping, I did not buy dolls when I was in the stores, but I won an eBay  auction for a repo doll, so my shopping spree is complete..
I got a bunch of stuffs, including these 2 corduroy jackets for myself, they are actually well-tailored jackets, very fit,  made of great materials, 90% cotton 10% spandex. very comfortable to wear.

the reason I bought them: unbeatable price: $6.00 each.

perhaps they look better without beads, sequins,  embroideries and lace borders… a little too busy & too childish,  but kind “vintage”?     they are fun,  but  I won’t wear them to interviews. 

 they are from  “Pretty Girl” store,  also available in Black & white colors.

I made a little alterations, such as shortening the sleeves and making fabric-covered buttons, the original buttons looked rough… now they look pretty neat, better than the ones sold in Soho boutique shops at sky-rocketed prices. I think its okay to put them in Anthropologie Store  with $198 price tags


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Tokidoki for hello Kitty

Posted by helen on October 14, 2011

since Tokidoki Barbie doll’s price dropped to $50, with my 4th quarter Barbie Fan club reward ($20) Tokidoki is now $31, plus $1 shipping…. so she made her way to my collection. if you also have your $20 reward, then, its time to buy her

I hate tattoos, my girls have to be clean, no tattoos are allowed on any parts of their bodies… The good news is, “one’s trash the other’s treasure”, the tattooed body is worth $37 on eBay  www.ebay.com/itm/300608913569  its more than the price I paid for the entire package. still, I think mattel should make removeable Tattoos, so people dont like tattoos can wash them off with rubbing alcohol or baby oil, etc.

Love my OOAK Tokidoki for Hello Kitty? nothing fancy, but still an OOAK

tokidoki for helle kitty

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DisneyStore.com Announces Designer Doll Release Schedule

Posted by helen on October 13, 2011

On Tuesday morning, October 18, the remaining 5 Disney Princess Designer Dolls will all be available for purchase at DisneyStore.comDisneyStore.com will close and be unavailable to Guests starting at 11:15 AM Eastern Time/8:15 AM Pacific Time while we load the product to our website.  All Guests on our site at this time will receive a Site Outage message, and their shopping will be interrupted.  At 12 noon Eastern Time/9:00 AM Pacific Time or shortly thereafter, the site will reopen, and all 5 of the remaining dolls will be available for purchase at that time.  Guests may purchase all 5 dolls but will be limited to just one of each doll.  All purchases must be made online as there will be no phone orders accepted. 


Source:  http://blog.disneystore.com/blog/2011/10/disneystorecom-announces-designer-doll-release-schedule.html

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Higher Barbie Prices are expected

Posted by helen on October 12, 2011

US congress just passed a bill to raise Import Duties on China-made goods. so, you can expect Barbie Prices to go up again. I m sure Mattel will have more dolls made in Indonesia, but it wont lower the price,

 US politicians blame China for manipulating  its currency & making US workers lose their jobs–its American culture– blaming others. China’s currency system has been working for China for more than 50 years.   US congress should have passed that  Bill  50 years ago.  I hope the new bill does help US boost its economy, but I know I will buy much less Dolls.

US should compete with China in Modern Technologies, not what is sold in 99 cents stores.  whenever I see donald trump &  other congressmen  go on Fox News to bash China,  I feel sorry for US.

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