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What’s Next?

Posted by helen on September 29, 2011

Two  New dolls are sneak-peeked today:  Grace Kelly Doll from” Rear Window” and “Hope Diamond” Barbie. both designed by Robert best.

“Rear Window” Grace Kelly looks  better than  “To catch a thief” Grace, but I still dont fully like her facial screening, she is not very Grace kelly to me.  something is missing,   the softness or the  Grace? I dont know.  Again, I like the great jobs Mattel did to the Elizabeth Taylor &  Vivien Leigh Dolls

Hope Diamond–hmm….  I dont know what this doll is all about?   encouraging girls to steal that “Hope Diamond” from Smithsonian Museum?? lol okay, just kidding.    –According to the legend,  all those who owned or touched the gem would suffer an ill fate, does  Barbie really want to wear it?   Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI were beheaded during the French Revolution because of the blue Diamond’s  curse.   

I like redhead, othere than that,  I just can’t find a reason to buy her. the conservative gown isnt anything innovative but may cost  an arm and a leg…


14 Responses to “What’s Next?”

  1. Tawna said

    Ohhh I can’t wait to see photos!

  2. rnold said

    ‘hope’ to see photos sonn…..is the grace kelly silkstone too?…i didnt buty the catch a thief but the bride….is the rear window better face than the bride?

    • dollsaga said

      Grace kelly is not a silkstone, so I think she will still be $34.99. her short hair style is better than the updo. but I can’t say she is prettier than the silkstone. they have the same facial expresssion. onlt the new one has bright-red-colored lips..

  3. The Mackie is not for me. Her make up is too fully loaded for my taste. Her dress is pretty though. Not for a gold label price though…

    • dollsaga said

      I honestly dont see anything special about the “hope diamond”, its strange many people on BFC applaud her. Only Marekt will tell if she is a seller. I believe she will be on clearance pile.

      • dollsaga said

        speaking of redhead, not every redhead is a beauty. The “Irish Dance” was not a pretty girl, the proto of “hope diamond” looks wrose than her.

  4. rnold said

    and the gown of hope…..ewwwwwww….did robert best already run out of ideas….i like what he did in tribute, and stunning ….but this hope…not really… the face sculpt was not even appealling…if they used real diamond…i ‘might’ probably buy hope..

    • dollsaga said

      Real Diamond?! ! R U kidding? “Hope diamond” brings the owner ill luck—the king & queen were beheaded b/c of the curse of Hope Diamond.

      it sounds like many BFC people like this doll. they think the gown is RERTO—more vintage than vintage–that is “classic” in their dictionary–1920s style —okay, let this doll keep these old timers company. 😀

      I found Linda Kyaw’s dolls usually have beautiful facial makeups, Mr. Best’s dolls–if not labeled as “Platinum”, perhaps they would be hard-to-sell —their faces just dont stand out, look at “splash of silver” “glimmer of gold” “Pinch of Platinum” — these dolls’ faces are not even prettier than Barbie Basics. they are really not on the same level as Linda’s & Bill’s Goddess Dolls such as medusa, aphrodite, cleopatra, athena, goddess of galaxy, etc. … but people go with Platinums… What a pity!

      we were told at 2011 convention that Miss Linda is currently designing a fatansy mermaid doll, I would love to see how her design turns out, especially after the price of Disney’s Ariel doll went up from $59.50 to $596.00

      • dollsaga said

        okay, I have to add, for the past 2 years, my favorite Barbie dolls were all designed by Linda Kyaw. I love dolls like Aphrodite. this year, Mr. Greening’s goddess of Galaxy should be “doll of the year”. I would love they both design silkstone dolls as well.

  5. rnold said

    good thing i bought 2 goddess of galaxy and cleopatra…one for mint one for display……and i got it for $75…better than those very pricey dolls that bc are currently releasing…

  6. Can’t wait to see the new GK and the Hope dolls! I agree that the Hope is nothing so special or innovative, but I’m drawn to her classic vibe. Maybe its the dress or the lovely red hair. Anyway, I will only pass my judgment on these dolls once I see the actual dolls. Speaking of that, has anyone seen the new Bob Mackie doll? I just saw her and I think she’s pretty cool, but the price does make me think twice if I really like her enough to buy her or not..Helen, what say you?

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