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Posted by helen on September 28, 2011

 I am  depressed to see so many dolls in my place, so, once  again, I have started downsizing my collections.

all the extra Ken dolls will be eliminated from my collections,  these  Ken dolls  are neither playful nor collectible, so they dont have to stick with me, they should  go to people who appreciate them more.   2 of them already found good home, but I have a lot more…

After the boys are gone, I will sort out all the playline Barbie dolls, most of them need to go. after that, I will work on Model Muse & silkstone dolls, 80% of them should go.

it is a slow process… really not an easy task, but if I keep doing it, some day this place will be neat again. I only placed one order during Barbie’s dream sales, that’s  a good start –not buying like no tomorrow only because the dolls are on sale.

it is the quality that counts, not the quantity.


6 Responses to “downsizing”

  1. Sandra said

    I admire you Helen. I need to do some housekeeping myself. I guess I will start with Mulan. She is very pretty but I should let her go to someone who really wants her!

    • dollsaga said

      I have not had visitors for a long long time, I refuse to have them—as this place is just not “presentable”, hope it will change before this holiday seanson comes….

      • rnold said

        have your other playline dolls donated to chaity wc gives toys … i do that during xmas season

      • dollsaga said

        yes, some of them like ice skaters, etc. etc. I’ll donate to Walgreens. When holiday season comes, the store will put out a big bin where we can put our toys (new) in and donate to charity.

    • dollsaga said

      there are so many cheap dolls on eBay, but whenever I think about how BC sold birthstone beauties for $3.75 and Barbie basics for $7.50, I lost interests in buying from eBay, even eBay cant beat BC all I need is being patience.

  2. helen said

    a spammer desperately wants to increase her blogs traffic, so she believes it would be a good idea if she quoted my old posts then post spam comments on my blog.. why are there so many desperate and empty souls on the earth?

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