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the poison apple…

Posted by helen on September 23, 2011

I was one of the lucky online shoppers who grabbed this Princess.  She looks really cute, but  if you ask me to get up at 4AM and wait in front of my local disney stores to buy her, NO way, I wouldnt not do so.  I heard some people got up at the crack of dawn & lined up outside the Disney stores, these princess dolls have really poisoned some people’s mind, there were fists & fights in Disney Stores on last Monday, crazy, isnt it?

Its just a doll!


13 Responses to “the poison apple…”

  1. Sandra said

    She is so gorgeous. I’m so happy you got her! I bet you could make your own OOAK disney princesses if you wanted to you are so talented. The birthstone beauties would make good models. There is a red head for ariel, nice AA dolls for Tiana and Pocahantas. Lots of possibilities!

  2. Tawna said

    Regarding the fights…..my husband saw very similar behavior years ago when the Teletubby stuffed toys came out. He went to buy them for his kids and his nieces, and saw people pulling them out of each other’s arms. Someone took the toys to their car and put them in the trunk thinking they’d be safe….nope, someone broke in and stole them – in broad daylight!
    I went to a doll collector’s show yesterday and people were pushing and shoving. I told a friend, it’s supposed to be fun, not a blood sport!

    • dollsaga said

      now they are releasing the remaining 5 dolls on oct. 17th in all the local Disney Stores.. people will fight for it. I wish Diseny doesnt underestimate its fans’ craze–do you remember a security Guard died at Long Island Wal-Mart after being trampled by an “out-of-control” mob of frenzied shoppers in Black Friday stampede 3 years ago?

      • Tawna said

        Yes, I do, indeed, remember that. That showed human nature at its very worst.

      • dollsaga said

        Just read this post from a MOM, Disney should be happy to see it has die-hard fans like this, but I am speechless… , losing sleep over these dolls? leaving her child behind and camping out for dolls?? bringing Tasers … oh, my!

        …my heart will be BROKEN if i don’t get all of the dolls. The five that I have so far are displayed in my room and I stare at them everyday, smiling. i love them. .. I am losing sleep over it. I have major anxiety. I don’t know what to expect on the 17th. I plan on sleeping outside the mall which is going to be difficult since I am a breastfeeding mother of a 3-month-old. …. I am a little fearful of “bad” people showing up and stealing bags. Should I bring my taser? my mase? Will I be safe sleeping outside at the mall? Is Disney prepared for this? Is the mall prepared? I’m thinking not.

    • dollsaga said

      oh, mine, Tawna, what do you say about “US economy is weak?” –look at these doll people!

  3. abby45 said

    hello, do you by any chance know which are the four remainder dolls that will be realeased on the 17th?

    • dollsaga said

      newsletter from disney store:

      • We will now release for sale all 5 remaining Disney Princess Designer Dolls: Tiana, Jasmine, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty and Pocahontas on one date in Stores on 10/17/11.

      • We will then have a Disneystore.com release of all 5 remaining Disney Princess Designer Dolls (Tiana, Jasmine, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty and Pocahontas) the following day on 10/18/11, at a time to be determined.

  4. dollsaga said

    Not sure why, but this post attracts tons of “spam comments”, I have to keep deleting them every hour! so many days past, the spammers just dont go away.

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