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discounted Halloween Haunt

Posted by helen on September 22, 2011

when it comes to sales, Barbie Collector makes mistakes, either the website has glitches, or the prices go wrong.

it happened again early this morning, the Halloween Haunt doll was not supposed to be discounted during dream sales, but apparently the programmer missed something, so she was discounted…

as soon as I saw the price, I knew BC would experience a storm. 

 Many unhappy customers complained its not fair since they just bought her at full price. which all are very understandable, but one lady really goes extreme, she criticizes the “unfairness” and  “encourages” everyone who previously bought HH doll to call BC costumer service to file a complaint. In order to get her message out,  she repeatedly posted the same message on BFC  message boards, In the Pink, Pink Parlor.. forums. she is organizing a campaign to fight for the extra $18 she paid. where does all of these energy come from?

Generally speaking, BFC is quite fair, if you have issues,  BFC is willing to help, but how you make approaches is the key.  you really dont need to go on every doll forum to forge Alliances & fight so hard.


11 Responses to “discounted Halloween Haunt”

  1. dollsaga said

    its hard to understand some collector’s logic, another case: a collector bought a TOKIDOKI doll from someone, and found a flaw on the doll face, then he called BFC asking for an exhange, the problem is, BFC wont have this doll availble until Oct, and BFC didnt directly sell the doll to him. so, my question is: why dont you call the seller who sold you the doll instead of BFC? your seller is responsible for the doll quality. if the seller is a wholesaler, I am sure he can return the doll to Mattel’s distribution center without a problem.

    • Nicole said

      I agree Goto who you bought the doll from….
      Mattel did not sell that person the doll so why goto them asking for an exchange…?

  2. dollsaga said

    messages from bfc:

    Discounting BFC dolls was a human error. Discount for BFC dolls was pulled as of 1:30 pm central time. Orders with BFC doll skus are in the process of being pulled and cancelled. If you ordered any bfc dolls and received the discount you will have to re order at the full price. NOTE if you ordered other dolls with BFC doll you don’t have to re order the other dolls, your order will ship with everything but the bfc dolls. Sincere apologies for the confusion.

    the sad thing is, these credit cards may have been charged, they may not refund you sales tax if you paid for it. it happened to me before. I purchased 5 silsktones, credit card was charged, but they only shipped 2, the other 3 got canceled, they didnt refund me the sales tax I paid and explained the sales program didnt allow them to do it, which I highly doubted. b/c I used many sales programs, both retail or wholesale, every program is allowed to do so, but not every salesperson knows how to process it–certainly some BC reps knows more than other Reps. my bad luck, I paid $9.00 sales tax for nothing but i didnt bother to call again & again.

  3. rnold said

    this is a mess…..but on the said dream sale barbie collector has a disclaimer that BFC items, membership and dolls are not included on sale……so i didnt order them….this is the said exclution

    * The Barbie Dream Sale begins 12:01am CT 9/22/2011, and ends 11:59pm CT 9/28/2011. For Gold Label® dolls, limit five (5) of each Gold Label doll per order. Discount not valid on previous purchases. Prices exclude shipping and processing, and any applicable sales tax. All discount offers exclude Barbie Fan Club membership, gift wrap and gift cards. Must be 18 years or older to order. Offer valid while supplies last.

    • dollsaga said

      she was discounted by mistake. it was not the first mistake they made and wont be the last! BC screws things up all the time. I remember last dream sale, the Aphrodite was not supposed to be a part of the sales plan, but they discounted her anyway. I got her at $46. and in Last november, the Thanksgiving Feast was also mistakningly put on sale, some people got her at $30, etc. etc. but back then, there were no “Angry Mobs” fighting for discount like this lady did, BC correted its mistake without cancelling orders.

      • rnold said

        well this angy mobs better yet keep their angry in their wallet……..what the use of that,…..as BC always claims that….”all previously purchased item are not included on sale”….common sense….meaning if they got the items b4 the sale it means its not discounted…..lol

  4. dollsaga said

    latest updates: all the discounted orders went out, they didnt cancel them.

  5. Nicole said

    Yes, I paid full prcie for my Haloween Haunt aslo, But It would be nice to get the $18.75 discount for her, Yes it is unfair that some got disounts and others did not…. I don’t see Mateel giving everyone their $18.75 back, but I guess if you don’t complain at all then you don’t have any chance of getting it back, all you can do is ask and all they can say is No I guess…?

    I myself have Not yet called Mattel but I was thinking about it… Like I said all they can say is No….

    • dollsaga said

      Nicole, my point is, if you have a problem with mattel, you try to solve it with Mattel, yes, call mattel if you are not happy, which this lady did call, then, she posted the same message everywhere, again & again on many message boards… its annoying whichever doll forum you go, you see this message there. so a BFC member joked about it: if she needed to go on CNN news? lol

  6. Nicole said

    Yes, I remember I also got Aphrodite for a Great price like $45 or $46 and also Empress of the Golden Blossom was only $65.00
    Good Sale that year!!

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