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did you have fun with Barbie Dream Sales?

Posted by helen on September 22, 2011

Barbie dream sales Started at 1:01AM Eastern time.

after I placed my order. I found more “dream items” showed up, Birthstone Beauties (AA) are $3.75 each, that’s really the best price ever, then, many barbie basic dolls showed up for $7.59 each…

why these items didnt show up at 1:01AM? but an half hour later? I could have bought more, but since I have already placed my order, I decided not to place another order


10 Responses to “did you have fun with Barbie Dream Sales?”

  1. dollsaga said

    I feel so sad that I bought tons of Barbie Basic dolls at full retail prices, now they are all $7.50
    wish I could have waited. I should have known dolls like this , produced for mass market and come in groups, their price would go down..

    • Tawna said

      You’re not the only one, so don’t feel bad. It’s all a gamble, really, when you think about it. The really expensive ones I tend to hold off and wait to see if the price drops.

  2. rnold said

    im not really that happy because im still waiting for the louboutin dolls to go down their prices…….but still its pegged to 150 usd inspite that some of them were released 2009….i only like the jewel thief and the forever dolly…..bec pf the fashion ang better shoe collection….but after 2 years its still 150…..if that goes down to 90…i will get them..

    as i suspected that basic will really go down its prices…im that eager to get them bec i dont really play ang dress dolls thats why…. i get them to be gift for my friends this xmas…

    birthstone beauties are worth to get….but if i get them…addl clutter on my bedroom…wc is im trying to get rid off….so i decided to purchase the grace kelly bride and the byron lars fenella wc i find very high fashion avant garde…very mc queen and lacroix inspired prints

    • dollsaga said

      if these louboutin dolls were discounted one year ago, I might have bought them, but now, its too late, even they offered 60% off, I would not want them. There are so many dolls with the same face mold came out after them look so much prettier than the louboutins. like Goddess of Galaxy, Barbie Basics #14, Glimmer of Gold… so the Louboutins can live in BC warehouse forever. šŸ˜€

  3. Nicole said

    Now that Gilt.com sale wa Awesome!!
    I am not sure why Mattel BFC just didn’t offer those prices to us…

    Did you happen to get in on any of that sale from Gilt.com

    They had Silkstone dolls Tribute Mila, Nicoli, Verushka,, Coral & had Parisenne Pretty all for $50.00 a piece…
    I am not sure why they didn’t include Darya…
    But I got Darya at the Dream Sale to complete the set, Woudl have been nice to get her for $50.00 also but all in all was a greta sale from Gilt… So I was happy to get those dolls…..

    • dollsaga said

      I did not buy anything from gilt, b/c I already have Tribute & Coral, the rest dolls were not on my wish list, I thought its better for me to stay within my budget. so I didnt order anything from gilt. BC should lower Tribute’s price more. I think they will do so in the future. I am sure there will be another sale in next season.

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