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I have my doubts…

Posted by helen on September 20, 2011

Disney Designer Princess Dolls  have caused quite a stir in the collecting community,  Snow White went on sale on this Monday (3:31 eastern time),  demand is larger than supply, many people were not able to get the doll and got very very UPSET,  I have been reading angry postings online all day long,  then,  I saw  someone  popped up on an online group,  said she could offer  the doll to  whoever didnt get her  for $65 each (retail price $59.50 +Sales Tax)  plus $15 shipping,

people acted like they have found their lifesavers,  “I PMed you” “I PMed you” “waiting for your reply” etc etc, many even posted their phone online asking to be called, etc. etc.  it looks like everyone wants one would get one, I see no rejections here.

 I checked her profile, she is a high school student,   how could she get so many dolls? one person asked the same question, she said: she once was scammed by an ebay seller, so she decided  to get as many dolls as possible, then offer the dolls to the real collectors,  the more she gets,, the  less would go to eBay sellers..  so she was online to grab as many dolls as possible!

do you believe such a story?  maybe I have trusting issues.  I wish these people best luck,  Its just a doll,  you  can live without it, but sending a stranger money and revealing other personal info online could bring you more troubles than you think…

anyway,  I posted a friendly reminder there,  but I dont think people who desperately want the doll would take it serious.  what a pity


10 Responses to “I have my doubts…”

  1. Janet Puls said

    I was wondering if you would consider selling your pattern for the rear window barbie dress? Along with instructions how you made the black design around the waist. Thanks.

    • dollsaga said

      I never made any patterns. I do it freehand. I take dolls’ meaturements then mark the fabric, then cut and sew…, ajustments are made along the way to ensure the best fit . the black designs are handpainted with fabric paint, so each dress is slightly different from the others.

      someone is selling the “rear window” patterns on ebay, its ebay item # 110580789518, you can ask the seller if it comes with instructions. but please be noted, I have never ever purchased from that seller before, so I am not recomending anything.

  2. I hear the Snow White doll was sold out less than 3 hours after she was released. Amazing.Can’t help but wonder how much the dolls would sell on ebay or amazon after this. At this rate the sellers will be making bucket-loads of money! Personally I found it interesting to see people actually losing the heads over dolls!

    • dollsaga said

      the doll actually was sold out within 15 minutes, but the store apparently set the inventory wrong, so the sales lasted 3 hours (the site crashed a few times during these 3 hours), many people got cancellations early this morning. it was very upsetting for many.

      I dont think ebay sellers can sell the dolls at very high prices, when too many go on ebay, the price cant go up much.

      I have learned great lesson from the dolls, they teach me what Market Economy is.

      the bottom line is: I can live without any dolls, so I wouldnt go crazy if I dont get a platinum Barbie or a disney Princess, there are so many other choices and better pieces on the earth, why would I cry over for a doll?

      • rnold said

        yes…ebay disney princess doll are rocket high now…ragging from 150 usd to 499…this is crazy

      • Yes, point well made. About these dolls, we just wait and see. As of now I saw many going for hundreds of dollars, but whether they will hold on to that value or not we can only see in the next couple of months when the craziness that surrounds them ends. in the meantime, I think I can manage to do without any of them…

      • Tawna said

        Personally, I have no interest in the Disney Princess dolls. And, no, I don’t believe the “high school teacher’s” story. Anyone who is “desperate” for a doll has some serious mental issues that need addressing. When you’re dead and gone, will the doll care? I love collecting Barbie, but if I miss out on any, I don’t sit and cry for hours. I know there will no doubt come a day when I decide enough is enough and I’ll sell the whole lot.

  3. Sandra said

    They sold out very quickly. I placed an order at 12:50 a.m. and received an email advising me that my ordered would be canceled. Oh well. She is gorgeous but I can’t afford her secondary market prices at this time.

    • dollsaga said

      If I have to buy form 2ndary market, I would rather go on eBay than buying from a stranger who has no credits at all… at least, my ebay transaction is portected.

      I think the first 3 dolls took a few days to sell out, perpahs these dolls went to families or collectors who dont do eBay, then, ebay sellers steped in to creat the storm. Disney store has to thank eBay sellers for helping them with quick turnover, now they can make more collections like this so we can enter the next run of the fight. lol

      people now would wait outside the store at 4AM on Monday, CRAZY!!

      • rnold said

        ol….really crazy….if thats a LV or hermes sale of 80%off on all collection i would line up that early….

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