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its all about craftsmanship

Posted by helen on September 19, 2011

 fine craftsmanship is what makes a doll collectible. that’s part of the reason we pay high price for it.   it always makes me frown when I see an unfitted or a  badly made dress on Barbie.

just saw 2 pictures of Halloween Haunt Doll a member posted on BFC,   look at these 3 buttons on the Dress!  it wouldn’t be hard to line them up straight, right?  well, the sewer just didn’t place the buttons in the right places. who knows what other flaws I would see if I see her IRL.



Found another photo, this one shows  the dress bustline is too small, the front dosent close as it should.


I wouldn’t complain if the doll was under $20,   since she is a $75 vinyl doll,  collectors have the right to ask for better quality.  Just my opinion.  and I was not happy with the  my Ekaterina’s outfits,  was really badly made, the neckline is in odd shape, as the sewer couldn’t make it  a neat oval the darts are slanted, as the sewer couldnt sew straight.


8 Responses to “its all about craftsmanship”

  1. Sandra said

    She’s really pretty but that is awful craftsmanship. Wow! How sad. I wonder if mine will arrive like that.

    • dollsaga said

      I wish you best luck, Sandra! lol you know some workers are more responsible than others, they are more serious about their job, many just dont care.

  2. Peter said

    Hm, I lament the craftsmanship on the Ekaterina, but isn’t the buttons on this barbie are unparallelled because of her, shall we say, boobs? Perhaps the buttons might be straight when the dress is off of her…In all, I still thinks she’s a beautiful doll though…

    • dollsaga said

      nope, the buttons cant not “straighten up” as you think. it doesnt matter if the dress was off or on the doll. the buttons are not functional, but for decoration only, the doll’s body type doesnt change the positions of the buttons—there are Snap Closures underneath to keep them in places.
      Believe or not, many collectors will get the dress with Asymmetric collars and uneven front panels (one side is longer than the other side), you cant tell these flaws in photos, but trust me, it happens all the time to Mattels collector Barbie. I often took apart these badly made outfits and make alterations.

  3. Not a fan of this doll to begin with, so either way I would definitely pass on this one. But I know some people who would pay to the nose for this doll only because she is an exclusive. Oh well, we just leave her to these people then. On the plus side, at least she looks tolerable compared to that nightmare called Fenella Layla. Now that looks like someone who wondered out of the loony bin…LOL~

  4. Art said

    As usual Helen you read my thoughts, why we are going to pay almost 100 dollars (shipping to Mexico) for a poor qualitly finished!!! Love the pale skin color, the makeup and even the redish hair, but the cape/dress looks like an intent of an excellent design!!!
    The outfit of my Ekaterina doll was re-made by my talented designer sister and looks better than the prototype!!!

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