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are you a Doll Collector or doll hoarder?

Posted by helen on September 15, 2011

I watched a few  reality shows on TV network early this week,  they were all about doll collectors or doll hoarders.  These people have thousands of dolls, and are so emotionally attached to their dolls…  It was pretty shocking to see.

one girl started collecting dolls after her beloved brother died, 2 women started buying dolls non-stop after their mothers died, one woman started piling up dolls after her husband divorced her–first she wanted to kill herself,  but she started buying dolls instead…

their houses are full of dolls…their family members were crying when they expressed how helpless they felt in such situations,  it really made me sad when I saw one women’s adult son shedding tears and a daughter said she has not visited her mother for years b/c she did not want to see  a house  of dolls (her old bedroom in her mother’s house is also filled up with  dolls).

one of the most famous Doll Hoarders is Phyllis, her story was aired back in June, she has 50,000 dolls, she, too, started collecting after her mother died.

Gregory Chasson, an hoardering expert who is an assistant professor of psychology at Towson University, says “Individuals with hoarding often develop attachments to objects similar to how you might attach to another individual”  it may explain why so many people start collecting something after the death of their loved ones.

 Chasson also says compulsive hoarding, which is related to obsessive-compulsive disorder, affects approximately 1 in 25 people.

what’s the thin line between a  doll “collector” & “hoarders”?  do you know?


11 Responses to “are you a Doll Collector or doll hoarder?”

  1. dollsaga said

    watch this video lol

  2. Nicole said

    lol.. I must have the complusive hoarding, as my family doctor says I have obsessive-compulsive disorder…

  3. Nicole said

    I am no where near 5,000 or 50,000 dolls though…
    I might have around 500- 600… Not sure I lost count … LOL….

  4. Nicole said

    That video was sad. I stared to cry…
    I HOPE I don’t get that bad!!!
    I already know that I Need to get rid of some of the dolls that I have now…
    but there are alot that Also that I would like to buy …. LOL…

    I have a problem !!! 🙂

    • dollsaga said

      It did make me cry when seeing a woman who piled up her house with clutters and her son was placed in foster care, the son now is an adult, she still insists that her son left because she didnt have air conditioner, not b/c of all the dead cats, dirts, clutters in the house… that was REALLY sad.

      many hoarders call themselves “collectors”, the doctor said the difference is A collector has his collections MANAGED, a hoarder doesnt control his “collections” (clutters)

  5. Nicole said

    Oops… *started

  6. rnold said

    i dont know which am i?…though i dont have that much collection….but i find my dolls already clutter….bec i dont remove them on boxes….and i dont play them either….i just buy them for self satisfaction…after acquiring one…i move to the next…..probably im halfbaked hoarder….because i freak out if theres sale on barbie collector.com……rehab rehab…….lol

    • dollsaga said

      I spent an entire afternoon to watch all the online video stories about “hoarders”, then I examed the “inner me” carefully. its great I am not emotionally attached to the dolls, I am okay to let some of them go–Hoarders cant let anything go. alhtough I am not super organized, my doll collections are fine, I have spreadsheets to record what I have & how much it cost, many hoarders started hoarding after they lost someone, I didnt start my doll collection b/c of the losses or pain I suffered in my life, I started it when I was happy and had extra money

      but my fabric collection is another story, it shows the “potential” that I may become a hoarder, I love fabrics and have bought tons of them, if its a very nice piece, I just dont want to use them but keep then– fabrics are all over the places –that is like what a hoarder does.

  7. I am pretty sure I have under 200, and they’re Barbie, so they don’t take much space. I can’t imagine them getting out of my room 0_0

  8. sasha said

    Omg im glad u broughth this up
    I always wondered if I could become a hoarder
    I guess im just a partime collector
    Since I do MANAGE my collection
    mostly models
    Im 19 & started when I was 16
    Well they are…but I play with them more
    I had STOPED at the beggining of 2010..
    I never had friends & then I made this great friend…we lost touch SADLY 😦 oct last year…& since I no longer had a social life sadly..i started collecting again
    Also because of the BARBIE BASICS LOL
    so its kind of interesting to read hoarders started hoarding after they lost someone
    I hope to stop after Basics 3.0…& move out of my parents home & start a social life again..hopefully I can find my best friend again
    if not im afraid I will live alone surrounded by model muse barbies :/

    • dollsaga said

      sorry to hear about your friend, with all the free social media out there, I am sure you can relocate your friend without much difficulties. besides, you can make new friends along the way through Barbie collecting.
      if you do “manage” your Baribe then, you are a collector not a hoarder.

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