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how do you like National costumes on your dolls?

Posted by helen on September 13, 2011

Mattel released sneak peeks on 2012 Dolls of the world,  Miss Australia, Argentina, China and Ireland will hit the store in late Dec.

the dolls wear national costumes, they come with a pet & a passport.  Miss Australia has a koala, Miss China adopts a Panda, Miss Ireland accompanies an Irish Setter,   I am not sure what Miss Argentina holds, a cat or a dog?  perhaps a Bush Dog.  would it be nicer if they chose an Ocelot?

I am not a fan of “National costumes”,  I have some “dolls of the world”, but none of them still has their original costumes. 

 its never been easy to design “national costumes”,

did you watch  the 2011 Miss Universe pageants “National costumes” competitions?  lots nations really dont have “National Costumes”,   designers stole some stage costumes from Las  Vegas showgirls & drag queens, oh, how much I HATE these big bird wings and feathers? the wings are big, the designers imaginations are ZERO.   what a pity  all these pretty girls turned  into mother Hen, a bird cant fly

Shame on all the following nations (there were more big winged nations, I  dont want to bother to find photos):


9 Responses to “how do you like National costumes on your dolls?”

  1. Sandra said

    These costumes are over the top!

  2. Natasa said

    Oh, God… I just saw those dolls. 😦

    I hate them all! Usually, I love dolls in national costumes, they are my favourite kind, but I have zero interest in getting any of these. WHAT is up with that body? The costumes look cheap and I really dislike the mascots.

    • dollsaga said

      If they are $19.99, I would like to buy a couple of them, but I think the prices will be $34.99 to say the least, my local stores will sell them even more. this year’s “Japan” was $39.99 online, but $42 in my TRU. I dont think I want them at this prices.

  3. rnold said

    i havent seen yet these dolls….helen do you still have the link for e to check on these dollies…thanx

    • dollsaga said

      Pictures are on Barbie Fan club board, you can view the pictures only if you are a paid member: http://www.barbiecollector.com/forums

      According to the member agreement, we are not allowed to post pictures of these dolls before Mattel formally releases the photos on its own schedules. sorry.

      • rnold said

        ive seen it…its not well designed,,, iwas expecting something new and different…..its just the same w the other natl costume like dolls of the world…nothing spectacular at all…

  4. dollsaga said

    although I am not a big fan of these doll, I dont call them “tooo Playline” like some people do, dolls are meant to play. Collector dolls are just played by adults.

  5. Love the dolls. As for the beauty pageant costumes, I do feel they’re over the top.

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