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clutters clutters & Clutters

Posted by helen on September 7, 2011

I am sure every doll collector has some clutters around house, I am not the worst.  I was okay before, but all the sudden, these clutters drive me nuts. I want to get rid of them.

I have been spending days & days to tidy things up.  I take bags out everyday…    the living room now looks so much better,  except for some dolls,  no other clutters in the  living room.  but the other rooms are  still very  messy, tons & tons of  doll stuffs &  fabrics, and other things… I absolutely hate this situation!

so that’s one of the reasons that I am  buying less dolls, I only bought 3 dolls last month although there were lots sales going on…  I have  not bought a single one since this month started.   the  “Halloween Haunt” doll will be on sale tomorrow,  I will not  get her until I get rid of a few dolls.   if she is out before my 4th quarter BFC reward kicks in,  I’ll just give her up.  she is not a must-have.

Except for the silkstone Francie, I think I am done with 2011 Barbie. No more purchases. even the Francie,  I can wait until 2012.

here is one of the 3 dolls I purchased last month,  the other two was “Elvis Barbie & Barbie Basic 2.5 Model # 14 from Barbie collectors.   This one is from eBay, she was Bob Mackie’s “Goddess of Asia”, I dont think she could have any Asian countries’ nationalities no matter how big the fan Bob Mackie put on her shoulder is, so, I let her go haunting… 



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  1. Sandra said

    Eek spider!

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