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do these shoes fit?

Posted by helen on September 30, 2011

I deboxed Barbie Basic  Accessory Pack collection 2.50 look 01

the package comes with 9 pairs of shoes, but  2 pairs of the shoes dont fit my model muse dolls.

I tried, but I could not tuck her feet into these shoes,

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What’s Next?

Posted by helen on September 29, 2011

Two  New dolls are sneak-peeked today:  Grace Kelly Doll from” Rear Window” and “Hope Diamond” Barbie. both designed by Robert best.

“Rear Window” Grace Kelly looks  better than  “To catch a thief” Grace, but I still dont fully like her facial screening, she is not very Grace kelly to me.  something is missing,   the softness or the  Grace? I dont know.  Again, I like the great jobs Mattel did to the Elizabeth Taylor &  Vivien Leigh Dolls

Hope Diamond–hmm….  I dont know what this doll is all about?   encouraging girls to steal that “Hope Diamond” from Smithsonian Museum?? lol okay, just kidding.    –According to the legend,  all those who owned or touched the gem would suffer an ill fate, does  Barbie really want to wear it?   Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI were beheaded during the French Revolution because of the blue Diamond’s  curse.   

I like redhead, othere than that,  I just can’t find a reason to buy her. the conservative gown isnt anything innovative but may cost  an arm and a leg…

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delivered, but I dont have the package!

Posted by helen on September 28, 2011

I tracked my dream sales package, it says delivered at 8:35AM this morning, but I dont have the package! and I was home at that time.

that’s sad, the Halloween Haunt doll is in it, and its not replaceable.  is it false info? I will have to call post office tomorrow?

I m having lots problems with my post office lately…

yesterday the mail man showed up at my door, delivered a package was not sent to me,  that apartment was not  on my  floor and it was in another unit.   we have different entrances..

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Posted by helen on September 28, 2011

 I am  depressed to see so many dolls in my place, so, once  again, I have started downsizing my collections.

all the extra Ken dolls will be eliminated from my collections,  these  Ken dolls  are neither playful nor collectible, so they dont have to stick with me, they should  go to people who appreciate them more.   2 of them already found good home, but I have a lot more…

After the boys are gone, I will sort out all the playline Barbie dolls, most of them need to go. after that, I will work on Model Muse & silkstone dolls, 80% of them should go.

it is a slow process… really not an easy task, but if I keep doing it, some day this place will be neat again. I only placed one order during Barbie’s dream sales, that’s  a good start –not buying like no tomorrow only because the dolls are on sale.

it is the quality that counts, not the quantity.

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the poison apple…

Posted by helen on September 23, 2011

I was one of the lucky online shoppers who grabbed this Princess.  She looks really cute, but  if you ask me to get up at 4AM and wait in front of my local disney stores to buy her, NO way, I wouldnt not do so.  I heard some people got up at the crack of dawn & lined up outside the Disney stores, these princess dolls have really poisoned some people’s mind, there were fists & fights in Disney Stores on last Monday, crazy, isnt it?

Its just a doll!

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Barbie Fashion’s Night out Auctions

Posted by helen on September 22, 2011

BFC Moderator says: Cool stuff happening in Barbie’s world with the launch of the “Barbie Loves FNO” charitybuzz auction this week… bid on them if you are so inclined:


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discounted Halloween Haunt

Posted by helen on September 22, 2011

when it comes to sales, Barbie Collector makes mistakes, either the website has glitches, or the prices go wrong.

it happened again early this morning, the Halloween Haunt doll was not supposed to be discounted during dream sales, but apparently the programmer missed something, so she was discounted…

as soon as I saw the price, I knew BC would experience a storm. 

 Many unhappy customers complained its not fair since they just bought her at full price. which all are very understandable, but one lady really goes extreme, she criticizes the “unfairness” and  “encourages” everyone who previously bought HH doll to call BC costumer service to file a complaint. In order to get her message out,  she repeatedly posted the same message on BFC  message boards, In the Pink, Pink Parlor.. forums. she is organizing a campaign to fight for the extra $18 she paid. where does all of these energy come from?

Generally speaking, BFC is quite fair, if you have issues,  BFC is willing to help, but how you make approaches is the key.  you really dont need to go on every doll forum to forge Alliances & fight so hard.

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did you have fun with Barbie Dream Sales?

Posted by helen on September 22, 2011

Barbie dream sales Started at 1:01AM Eastern time.

after I placed my order. I found more “dream items” showed up, Birthstone Beauties (AA) are $3.75 each, that’s really the best price ever, then, many barbie basic dolls showed up for $7.59 each…

why these items didnt show up at 1:01AM? but an half hour later? I could have bought more, but since I have already placed my order, I decided not to place another order

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the Annual Barbie “Dream Sales” starts at midnight..

Posted by helen on September 21, 2011

The 2011 Barbie “Dream Sales” is here, if you stay up late tonight, you may find some great deals

you should check out its dream shelf, you will get additional 25% off when the time comes:: http://www.barbiecollector.com/shop/browse/on_sale?showall

here are the details:

* The Barbie Dream Sale begins 12:01am CT 9/22/2011, and ends 11:59pm CT 9/28/2011. For Gold Label® dolls, limit five (5) of each Gold Label doll per order. Discount not valid on previous purchases. Prices exclude shipping and processing, and any applicable sales tax. All discount offers exclude Barbie Fan Club membership, club dolls, gift wrap and gift cards. Must be 18 years or older to order. Offer valid while supplies last.
Fashionably early savings begin at 12:01am CT 9/22/11 and end at 11:59pm CT 9/23/11. The discounts are as follows:
Thursday 9/22 ONLY: Enjoy 25% off every regular priced doll, fashion and accent you purchase in the online shop. Plus, enjoy an additional 25% off already-reduced items within the Special Offers shelf in the online shop. These Thursday-only discounts will appear in shopping cart.
Friday 9/23 ONLY: Enjoy an additional 25% off already-reduced items within the Special Offers shelf in the online shop. These Friday-only discounts will appear in shopping cart.
Saturday 9/24 – Wednesday 9/28: Shop within the Special Offers shelf in the online shop to save as much

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I have my doubts…

Posted by helen on September 20, 2011

Disney Designer Princess Dolls  have caused quite a stir in the collecting community,  Snow White went on sale on this Monday (3:31 eastern time),  demand is larger than supply, many people were not able to get the doll and got very very UPSET,  I have been reading angry postings online all day long,  then,  I saw  someone  popped up on an online group,  said she could offer  the doll to  whoever didnt get her  for $65 each (retail price $59.50 +Sales Tax)  plus $15 shipping,

people acted like they have found their lifesavers,  “I PMed you” “I PMed you” “waiting for your reply” etc etc, many even posted their phone online asking to be called, etc. etc.  it looks like everyone wants one would get one, I see no rejections here.

 I checked her profile, she is a high school student,   how could she get so many dolls? one person asked the same question, she said: she once was scammed by an ebay seller, so she decided  to get as many dolls as possible, then offer the dolls to the real collectors,  the more she gets,, the  less would go to eBay sellers..  so she was online to grab as many dolls as possible!

do you believe such a story?  maybe I have trusting issues.  I wish these people best luck,  Its just a doll,  you  can live without it, but sending a stranger money and revealing other personal info online could bring you more troubles than you think…

anyway,  I posted a friendly reminder there,  but I dont think people who desperately want the doll would take it serious.  what a pity

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